10 Ways to Earn Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points in 2020


Free FIFA 18 Coins – The most famous football series knows as FIFA series, FIFA Football or FIFA soccer is established by EA Sports. 

The first version of this game was released in 1993 and then afterwards new versions with advancements and modification are released every year. This series consist of amazing gameplay and graphics.


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This series is famous among users because it contains real world players, stadium, association and such other things. All these things make this series realistic and attract more users towards it.

FIFA Ultimate team is a specific model of the FIFA game series. In this mode, the player can create their own team. The player can manage the team, sell their player and such other things.

We think it is a great opportunity for a player who always wished to have their own team. They can manage the player according to their own choice, compete against opponents with their own team, can design their own playstyle, etc.

How to get Free FIFA 18 Coins and Points?

If you have no idea why FIFA 18 coins are important then keep reading this article.

First of all, if you want to reach at the top level in the game then you must know that FIFA coins will bring you there.

Your team will be considered as the best team in the league if and only if it contains the best players. With the help of FIFA Coins and Points, you can easily get superb and dynamic players. So these coins are necessary for you.

You can get these coins by using real-world money. You can purchase Messi in the game with almost 1.3 million coins.

What if we tell you, that you can get all these things done for free? Yes, you can get these coins for free.

Here we have provided some tasks and activities that you can perform to get free FIFA coins. 

1. Start with the Catalogue

Many players take advantage of this method at the beginning of the game. First of all, you need to be a part of the FIFA reform. After that redeem every item you get such as coin boots, kits contracts, and such other things.

So, try to get more and more FIFA coins so you can buy the best players for your team.

You should try to sell your contract when the sales in the market are less. So, you can take more advantage of your contracts.

2. AppNana

AppNana serves its users with units known as Nanas. When you register yourself with AppNana you will get 10,000 free Nanas. You can use these Nanas for different purpose such as PSN Cards, Xbox cards, etc.

One thing you must know is that to use this application you must have some credit in your account. The best way to add balance in your account is by using the code “023532322”.

You can also get some extra money by using the apps that AppNana recommends.

3. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints contains many different games. All you have to do is to play these games. You will get points in return by playing the game. 

You can get gift cards for different online retailers such as Xbox, Amazon and such others. You can utilize these gift cards to have FIFA 18 points.

4. Squad Battles

You can easily get free FIFA coins by keeping yourself involved in the weekly squad battles. 

All you have to do is to take part in these battles and you will get coins.

5. Earn Coins through Squad Building Challenges

Squad Building challenges are of prime importance in FIFA 18 Ultimate games. 

Different challenges are available and each challenge contains various puzzles that you need to solve. By solving these puzzles you will get the reward. Ultimately, these challenges will provide you free FIFA coins.

6. Web App – Daily FIFA 18 Coin Rewards

If you have an EA account then you can easily get FIFA coins by using FIFA 18 web App. Every time you log in you will get some points. It is a great deal though.

7. The Team of the Week Challenge gets you Free FIFA Coins

By investing some time on a team of the week challenge you can easily get FIFA Coins for free. 

You can select your difficulty level. However, the more high difficulty level you choose the more coins you will get.

8. Sell to Swap Unwanted Players for Free FIFA Coins

If you have some players that are not playing well then you can sell them.  In order words, you should manage your players in such a way that they provide you benefit in all cases.

9. Weekend League

If you have some free time on weekend then you can spend it on earning some free FIFA coins. You can take part in different matches and get free coins.

10. Complete Daily and Weekly Objectives

It is one of the best ways to get free FIFA coins. You just need to keep a check on activities and objectives on FIFA 18.

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