Get Free Premium Chegg Accounts & Passwords in 2020

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FREE CHEGG ACCOUNTS: we all have to purchase school books for a lot of money. Even though we don’t feel like spending money on these books but still we have to as it is compulsory to have them for learning the purpose and to be able to score passing marks. What if you get all of these books material at an average price? Definitely it will be best possibility.

Free Premium Chegg Accounts & Passwords 2020

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So for this purpose there is a website called Chegg that let you use books of every subject on rent. So what is the waiting for, hurry and check out this amazing site and make life easier?

There are many more other features available in one place like one can get any book on rent, can also review the course and its contents. Moreover, online courses are also provided. This site also helps you in solving problems of any specific subject. So it’s a complete package that can be found in one website.

Similar to various accounts like of Netflix, Chegg accounts too are compatible with Android devices as well as iOS devices.

The website is not providing aid in solving home works but it also provides useful guidance and solutions for the purpose of internships, and how and which scholarships to apply for. This feature will cost the user an amount of $14.85 per month. But don’t worry; if you only first need a trial then the one week trial (7 days) is completely free of cost.


  1. Through Chegg, one can gain access to numerous amounts of books and study material that can be rented. This is the most important feature of this site since the fee of rent is negligible when compared with the original cost of the book. In case if the user is a student then it will help a lot since not all books can be purchased. So getting access to a variety of books in just a few pennies rather than spending a lot of dollars is not less than a blessing, especially for students. The book that costs $10 can be easily rented in only $1.
  2. Not only the site just displays its features and elements but also it lets its users utilize the trial option which is free of cost. The duration of the trial is of 7 days where the user will be able to use each and every feature of the website.
  3. It also helps you with your queries and problems around the clock. In case if you face any problem or not getting an idea of how it works you can just sign in to your Chegg account and ask you’re relevant problems and within a few minutes, you will be assisted in every way.

Many more other features are also present in this site; however, the above stated are the most important ones.

Since now you have the know-how of the site, therefore, we will now discuss the real purpose of this article.

As it is before said that the user has to pay $14.95 per month in order to utilize the feature of this site, but it might be the possibility that someone is unable to pay this fee and still need to use this site for free.

If you are thinking to use it for free and wondering if there is a way then the answer is yes. There a few methods that can be utilized in order to access this site and its features free of cost.

So now we discuss these methods below:

How To Make Free Chegg Accounts? (2019)


By utilizing this tactic the user can get access to premium Chegg account for an unlimited number of days. It’s a very easy process as Chegg lets you use its features for 14 days in its free trial and the user gets total access to the website. In order to get this method worked the user has to make a temporary email id and by using this id the user has to register for the account for the trial purpose. When the trial period is over you can make a new account and again register for a 14-day free trial. So in this way, you will be able to utilize Chegg features for unlimited days.

Now we will discuss the second method to use Chegg features for free.

2: Free Chegg Accounts Username and Passwords.

All users who want to use Chegg features for free of cost we will provide them a number of Chegg accounts along with their passwords for free of cost. The user can utilize these email ids and passwords but be nice and don’t try to alter the passwords of these accounts after you sign in.

Note: In case we came to know about any account whose password has been changed, that particular account will be dismissed.

So these are some of the easiest ways that a user can use to get access to Chegg premium features for free of cost and for an unlimited period.

Video on Free Chegg Accounts


We hope that this article has brought useful and beneficial information for users especially the students who are unable to purchase books or it gets difficult for them to get a lot of books with heavy costs. If you know someone who needs this or it might be you as well then do use this site and also let your friends know about this useful website specially made for students ease.

Also, you can tell the ways to get free access to Chegg features. This free access method is best for those who can’t even pay the rental fee and still have a dire need to get access to their syllabus books.

In case you have valuable suggestions relevant to this article or your opinions then do discuss with us as your feedback is of prime importance to us.

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