Free Apex Coins & Tokens in Apex Legends – Working Glitch


Free Apex Coins – Do you want to get more and free apex coins in apex legends? If yes, then it’s your lucky day. Here we are providing a way to get unlimited free apex coins without wasting your time and money. Isn’t it great?

Different websites are available on the internet that claims that their generator will get you free apex coins. However, you must know that these are fake they are just promoting their generators. Our website will provide you best and authentic methods to get free unlimited apex coins and tokens. Moreover, we will never demand any survey completion or such other things.

So, before going any further we like to introduce with the apex legends. Here we are providing short intro of the apex legends.

Apex legends belong to EA games. It is a battle based game. When the game was released more than 10 million users registered themselves within a short period of 72 hours. This game contains amazing visuals and gameplay that attract users.

As a player, you have to choose a character for yourself. Moreover, you will have to make a team with two other members and here you are ready to crash all the maps available in the game. In this game, you need to survive and you should be the last best man standing in order to win the game.

How to Get Free Apex Coins? Legitimately!!

This game consists of three types of currencies that are legend tokens, apex coins and crafting metal. Legend tokens and apex coins are the two most important and primary currencies of the game. However, the crafting metal is considered as the secondary currency of the game. Now, let’s move toward the main point that is how to get free apex coins, crafting metal and legend tokens.

First of all, let’s have a look at the free apex coins

Well, for your information we must tell you that there is a no way to get free apex coins in the apex legend. You will have to play the game successfully in order to get apex coins. You can only buy apex coins with your real-world money.

The good thing is you can purchase an apex pack with apex coins. These apex packs are just superb. They will get you different rewards like rare legends, crafting metals and almost 100 apex coins. Given below is the list of the packages available for apex coins. You can choose one of them according to your own choice. 

We suggest you, not to choose the 1st package because it will not provide you any bonus. However, if you choose a deal of 2o dollars then you will get 150 extra coins. 

Different deals provide different free coins. As you can see the deal of 4000 apex coins will provide you 350 free coins. These coins almost cost 3.5$. The next deal that is of 6000 coins has almost 700 free coins which cost almost 7.0$. The last deal that is of 10000 apex coins will give you almost 1500 extra apex coins which cost 15 dollars. Given the last two deals will provide you free apex coins but first of all, you will have to purchase them with real money.

How to Get Free Apex Tokens? Legally Free!!

There is no need to purchase a legend tokens with your real-world money. You can get apex legends by completing some levels in the game. Just like as you get apex coins in the game. In other words, just complete the game successfully to get free legend tokens.

The only possible way to get legend tokens is by accomplishing the levels in the game. Another great thing is when you get your legend tokens you will be able to unlock the new legends.

With the increase in each level, you will get 600 legend tokens. You can use legend tokens to get new skins, weapons, and such other items available in the rotating shop. Legend token is the only currency in the game that you can get easily. 

How to Get Free Crafting Metal in Apex Legends

Crafting metal is another secondary currency of the game. It is not easy to get crafting metals. However, you can unlock different things available in the legend tab using crafting metals. You can get crafting metals through crafting packs and to get crafting packs you need to have apex coins. Apex pack will provide you different unique items and crafting metals except for the apex coins. 

You can buy apex pack but it depends on the level of apex pack that how much crafting metals you will get from each apex pack. For instance, the common pack will provide you fifteen crafting metals, the epic pack will get you 200 crafting metals, etc. You can buy different things with crafting metals such as weapon skin, pose, intro and such others.

What is Free Apex Coins Generator? Is it Real?

As many users are looking for methods to get free apex coins so we have decided to provide some information relevant to it. We must tell you that these are fake and scam. This thing is just spoiling the gamers. We must tell you that there is no real or authentic free apex coins generator. Websites that claim to provide you free apex coins are just promoting their own websites. 

We all know about fortnite that is considered as one of the biggest game. It has already threatened the users about unreal and fake v-buck generators.

Upcoming Things in Apex Legends Game

Apex legends are introducing many new things. In March 2019, they have introduced many new weapons, battle passes, and such other things. So, keep yourself updated about their new releases. It is also heard that soon they are going to release cross-platform gaming. So, you can enjoy the game with your friends even if they have different devices. Check this method and get free v buck in your Fortnite account.

However, they have not declared any change in setting yet. Given above is the all necessary information about apex legends. We hope that in near future developers will provide us a method to get free apex coins.

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