12 Ways to Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

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Free Amazon Codes – We know that e-commerce has grown so much now that almost every person in the world is linked with it. Everyone love to pay online and get products at their doostep. That is what is offering from many decades, you pay online for whatever you are looking to buy and get it delivered in your home.

So what you think about getting a free Amazon gift card is not possible anymore? Well, we are giving you a chance to rethink about it. Amazon has become the best trusted online store in the world. This is why everyone is keen to know how to get a free amazon gift card easily. You can avail plenty of services which are being offered by Amazon.

Amazon has millions of product which some categories such as:

  • Unlimited Instant Videos
  • Appstore for Android
  • Electronics and Computers
  • Toys, Kids, and Baby
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Books and audible
  • Home, garden and tools
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Kindle E-readers
  • Beauty, health and grocery
  • Movies, music, and games

We know that it’s very hectic to go through many websites which assures to provide you with free Amazon gift cards. But after all this roaming you still cannot get anything effective. So, here we have tried to provide you with an effortless and authentic method to get free Amazon gift card in 2019.

How To Earn Free Working Unused Amazon Gift Cards Codes

We know that you really love to shop online and uses as your favorite online store. Wouldn’t you love to receive free Amazon gift cards to do your first shopping on Amazon? Yes, these Amazon card codes will be used just like cash to purchase any product you want.

Some of the benefits of having Amazon gift cards codes without paying any more:

You Get Free Items

Yes, you will get free and desired amazon product using these free Amazon gift codes.

Get Discount on High Price Products

Once you have added all the products in your card, you can use these Amazon card codes to get a discount on the total price of the products.

Amazon Gift Cards Codes Never Expire

The best feature of these gift cards is that they don’t expire like other gift cards. So you will not have to spend any money on renewing these gift cards like other services in the world do.

No Transaction Cost

These gift cards are not like Active Credit Card Numbers or debit cards so there will be no transaction fee upon usage.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Codes List Instantly?

You are fortunate that you are here; we have provided a list of methods that will help you to get an Amazon gift card. These are not immediate methods but these methods will get you free Amazon gift card codes. It demands you to perform some easy task like signing up on the website, like a page, etc.

In the section below we have provided some methods that you can try and get a free Amazon gift card.

1. Amazon Gift Card Generator 2019

Our main task is to provide people with free Amazon gift card code with no human verification method. Everyone here is searching on different websites to get working unutilized Amazon gift card codes.

With the help of the development team, we have created the Amazon Gift Card generator which will enable you to get free Amazon codes.

2. Free Amazon Gift Card Codes List

If you want to continue you’re shopping on Amazon then you are at right Place. Here we have provided some free unutilized Amazon Gift card collected from some of our group members.

Amazon Gift Card Codes List3. Via Official Amazon Promotions

If you follow promotional emails with Amazon you will get to know that Amazon usually gives facility to spend money in exchange for gift cards, so if you are determined to buy you can make some money back all the while.

However, if you really don’t want to overload your email with promotions, you can simply follow the coupon websites. They will keep you updated about promo code availability and current cashback offers.

4. Free Amazon Gift Card From Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best and well-known websites among GPT websites. Swagbucks provides you with many ways to get “Swag Bucks”. Swag bucks are kind of reward points or currency. It may include any type of promotion, social media sharing, etc.

Another good thing about Swagbucks is that it has an application which is available for different devices like Android, iPhone, etc.

Swagbucks awards its users in many ways like Amazon gift cards, PayPal balance and many others.

5. From MyPoints

MyPoints is another website which permits you to perform different easy tasks and in return, you will get rewarded on a daily basis. This site even rewards its users with money for participating in games, viewing movies and other videos, etc.

So it is beneficial for you to have these reward points and you can use them for different purposes like to buy gift cards.

6. Via PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a better and comfortable GPT website. Because it saves the user from the trouble of obtaining and exchanging gift cards. Everyone prefers easy things. PrizeRebel permits its user that they can earn from their website and from their account they can use it directly to make an order on Amazon.

7. From RecycleBank

RecycleBank is something different from others through this website you can earn reward points and get Amazon gift card as well as you can increase your knowledge level.

RecycleBank simply rewards you points by reading articles about eco-friendly methods and tricks. It sometimes offers products of the eco-friendly company. This website is something really useable and likable among many people.

8. From Mechanical Turk

The mechanical trunk is a crowdsourcing website. It is the branch of Amazon. You can simply make money on mTrunk by doing simple tasks. Rewards will be shared directly to your Amazon payment account. You can use it either to buy something on Amazon or you can transfer it to your bank account.

Some websites offer Amazon gift cards by filling some surveys which take only a minute. These types of surveys are actually headed by some companies who want to get feedback about their products from users.

As a reward people get money and gift cards. Here is the list of surveys sites that will enable you to get free Amazon Gift Card codes. Nowadays user easily gets rewarded by filling the surveys of one minute or less. No need to fill lengthy surveys anymore.

Provided list of survey websites is real and authentic you can follow them for free.

9. From Opinion Outpost

Many people find surveys because many surveys are lengthy and people find no interesting thing in them.

However, Opinion Outpost gives you very interesting surveys. You can Fill these surveys and in return, you will get cash or gift cards.

10. Via MySurvey

MySurvey is the oldest and well-known website. The major benefit of using this site is that it offers desktop site and now it is available for mobile applications. You just simply need to install it; use it wherever you want and you will get rewarded either in form of cash or gift card.

11. From Amazon Trade-In

Here comes a very good thing about Amazon. Amazon is willing to take all your unused and old stuff. Moreover, Amazon will be responsible for all shipping fee. You have to pay nothing. All you will get is profit and profit. And you will get this profit in the form of Amazon gift card.

Amazon usually prefers stuff like Movies, mobile devices, video players and other electronic devices. If you don’t need your old books and novels anymore you can also exchange them on Amazon with Amazon gift cards. If you want more information and details you can visit the Amazon trade-in page.

12. Via Cardpool

Cardpool is a website where you can trade-in your unutilized gift cards. They accept gift cards of many companies and brands so that they can convert this unused gifts-card into something useful.

Cardpool offers hard cash. It means now you can buy Amazon gift card or any other product directly.

How to Win Amazon Gift Card on iFreeGiveaways?

Step 1- Enter Your Details, Full Name & Real Email.

Step 2- Verify That You Are Human – Verification is to Make Sure that Everything goes to Real Humans Not Robots.

So make sure you give your real details. It will increase your chances of winning faster.

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