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Free Amazon Codes – Amazon is the largest online retailer since it was launched. It did start out as a book store but within years it has grown to provide individuals everything that they could possibly need. Amazon has turned into the largest online buying and selling hub that you can find. Not only does it sell Amazon manufactured products but it also allows other individuals to buy and sell on the platform.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Legally

Almost every one of us has a wish list of Amazon that we would want to purchase but never do because of the scarcity of money. Well not to worry anymore because now you can get your hands on free Amazon gift cards that allow you to purchase stuff for free on Amazon.

What is an Amazon gift card?

So most people don’t know about Amazon gift cards but that is not a problem. Just like your regular bank card, Amazon gift card also acts a prepaid card that allows you to make purchases on Amazon. If you don’t have a bank account if you don’t want to put in your credit card details on the internet then the best way to make purchases on Amazon is by getting a gift card.

It is like a prepaid card that you purchase from any retailer. It has a certain amount of credit on it. It also comes with a unique code. Once you punch that code in your Amazon account, the funds stored on your Amazon card will be transferred to your Amazon account and you can make purchases using those funds.

Benefits of having an Amazon gift card

There are a number of benefits of having an Amazon gift card. It acts as your virtual credit card or debit card for online purchases so that you don’t have to punch in your real bank details on the internet but are prone to get hacked as well.

Plus it also comes in handy for individuals who don’t have a credit card. If they don’t want to ask their parents to pay using their credit cards then they can always purchase a gift card and redeem that credit onto their Amazon account and enjoy online retailing.

Ways to get free Amazon gift cards

Well most of us look for free ways to get gift cards and that is totally understandable because there is so much stuff on Amazon that we want to purchase but can’t because no one has that much extra funds. Well it would be possible to purchase all the stuff if you had your hands on a free amazon gift card machine.

There are ways using which you can get your hands on free Amazon Gift cards. So let us look at them in detail so that you can easily purchase your wish list items from Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card Generator

The best and the easiest way to get your hands on Amazon gift cards is by using our Amazon gift cards generator. It is totally legit and free to use. You won’t have to give any of your personal details or fill in any forms. You can simply hit the generate button and you will get a free Amazon gift card code.

You have to remember that since we provide legit codes to our users thus they might not be available at all times. You can always come and try your luck but maybe users before you might have gotten their hands on it first. So you can try the other ways if the generator doesn’t work for you.

Reward Points Websites

There are a number of rewards points websites on the internet. Although some of them are fake as well but there are some legit ones as well. These websites offer you a number of micro tasks that you have to complete in order to gain certain points.

You can sign up on any of the trusted websites and once done a list of micro tasks will be displayed on your screen. Each task is linked with a certain number of points. Every time you complete a task, the points related to it will be added to your profile.

Once you have sufficient number of points, you can use them to get yourself a free Amazon gift card and then redeem that card in your Amazon profile to enjoy free shopping. Some of the trusted rewards points websites are;

  • SwagBucks
  • MyPoints
  • PrizeRebel

Recycle Bank

Recycle bank is another great website. Instead of asking you to complete tasks, the website requires you to spread the message about recycling which will help save the environment. Every time you do something for the environment, you will be rewarded with a free Amazon gift card.

This is totally amazing. You get to help the environment and also earn free Amazon gift cards at the same time. You can also read articles about recycling or Eco-friendly ways to earn free Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Trade in

Amazon trade in is another great way to earn free Amazon gift cards. If you have something lying around in your home that you don’t need any more then you can trade it with Amazon. The best thing is that the company will cover the pick and drop expenses as well so you won’t have to pay for anything using your free Amazon gift cards. You can simply giveaway all you’re unused or old stuff to Amazon and they will give your gift cards in return. You can Get Free Amazon Gift Card Code Generator.


If you are looking for a free way to earn gift cards then you will have to wait for your luck. There are a number of YouTubers and Instagram bloggers who offer free giveaways to their follows from time to time and it often includes Amazon gift cards so you can always participate in them to try your luck, apart from that you will have to try out the other methods to get your hands on free Amazon gift cards. Good luck!