Free 10K Followers On Instagram – Tips that Actually Work

Tips & Tricks

Ways to get free Instagram Followers

Looking for free instagram followers? great, read the full article. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms operating at the moment. It is currently owned by Facebook. But unlike Facebook, instead of uploading status, you get to post your picture and add captions to them. Instagram offers you a completely different experience as compared to Facebook.

But the best part is that since both of them are owned by the same person thus they are interconnected. You can interlink your Facebook and Instagram account and reach out to more of your followers.

Plus the stories feature in Instagram has hit the internet like a storm. That 24-hour story that you add to your profile just spices up the whole social media experience. It is all about uploading stories, posting videos and getting more and more followers.

Manual Methods to get free Instagram Followers

Getting Instagram Followers isn’t something that you do overnight. You will need to work quite hard and show that you care about your Instagram profile in order to get Instagram Followers. Since many people don’t want to try hard thus they have used certain tools to increase their Instagram Followers. So let us look at some of the best ones available so that you can choose the one that suits you the most.


LikeforLike is one of the best Instagram Followers tools in the market. You might have heard about it if you are hunting for ways to increase your Instagram Followers for a long time. It is a social media exchange website that can help you get 10k Instagram Followers without any hassle or effort.

You simply need to create several profiles on this like exchange website if you want to get more Instagram Followers. Simply add in your Instagram profile and start hitting like to earn more and more points which will turn into likes and you will have genuine free Instagram Followers within minutes.

Followers Pro for Instagram

One of the most popular applications on App Store is the Instagram Followers Pro which has ranked to be the top application to increase your Instagram Followers. Unlike other website or tools, it doesn’t get you, automatic followers. Instead, it comes with different business-related features that allow you to follow individuals similar to your existing Instagram Followers.

Once you follow them you are reaching out to them and users can use different techniques from there on to turn the reach into leads. The app will definitely help you figure out your next moves to increase your Instagram Followers and promote your business to your prospective customers.


Boostagram is a mobile-friendly website that helps you increase your Instagram Followers. It doesn’t just automatically hands in the free followers. Instead, it helps you manage your posting schedule so that you post your content at the most engaging times when your initial followers are active.

Plus it also helps you promote your profile on Instagram to the people within a geographical location. Thus you can use the website to target a specific group of people on Instagram using your profile that is in a certain geographical location. Although the website isn’t free it does come with a free 3-day trial. You can pay for the premium version or you can use various emails to get the free version over and over again.

Organic Methods to get free Instagram Followers

Although the manual methods and tools work wonders for some people but there are individuals out there who want to get genuine followers who actually care about their content and engage with them on a regular basis as well. So let us look at some of the organic methods using with you can get some more Instagram Followers.

Like for Like

Since almost everyone on Instagram wants to increase his or her Instagram Followers thus the best way is to help one and other out. You might have seen comments saying ‘Like for like’. This means that you follow them and they will follow you back and in this case both the parties get to increase their Instagram Followers without using any tools.

Post consistently

According to certain statistics, individual who post regularly on Instagram is much more popular as compared to individuals who don’t post regularly on the site. People on Instagram are there to look at your content so the more content you show them the more attracted they would be towards your profile so post regularly in order to get more Instagram Followers.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags have become quite popular on social media sites especially on Instagram. The search area on your Instagram shows you posts that are similar to your interest. It does the same thing with other individuals using the site as well. You need to learn the art of hashtags if you want your posts to appear in the search results of other individuals. Use hashtags that are trendy at the moment so that you can benefit from them and get the attention of the people towards your account.

Link to other social media accounts

You can now link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile as well. You can also add links to your website and other social media accounts on your Instagram as well. The more social media accounts to link to your Instagram profile, the more attention of the people you will be able to get. Plus one post will get your followers to follow all your media accounts. Simple 5 Ways to Earn Free PSN Codes.

Promote your profile

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has now also launched the advertising feature. This means that you can now advertise your profile on Instagram. You can simply go to the promote settings and choose from different parameters to choose the ones that suits your needs the most and then hit promote button and your profile will be advertised to the people that you want or who you believe could be your prospective Instagram Followers. This method has helped many businesses increase their popularity on Instagram.

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