Fortnite: How To Change Character & Get Free vBucks

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How To Change Character

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What is Fortnite & How to Earn Free v-Bucks?

Fortnite is an online streaming video game which is compatible with Windows,macOS, PlayStation 4 and also iPhone.

This game is of two types:

  1. Battle Royale(PvP)
  2. Save the World (PvE)

Battle Royale:

This mode deals with the survival skills where a hundred players have to play against each other on an island. All the items required for surviving are made available during the game. One has to utilize them to protect and shield them from storms and enemies. The game can be played in solo or squad mode.

Save the World:

In this mode, the Earth is left with only zombie and evil creatures. This game can be played in solo or triplet. Enemies are also present in this mode.

In this mode, one has to keep the positions safe from the enemy and to protect the survivors during the fight with monsters.

The most important part of Save the World is to use your creativity, strategic thinking, and always plan ahead when it comes to building fortifications and cooperating with your team so that you can defend your objectives and possible survivors from enemy waves.

Similarities between Save the World and Battle Royale?

The game main procedure in both modes is to collect different types of material by breaking them down. Further, utilize these materials to construct your own property and forts. However, the difference comes while choosing the option of either building up properties or not in Battle Royal, whereas in Save the World mode, it is compulsory to build the stuff in order to earn points. The material for construction is the same in both modes only there are few weapon differences in both modes.

How to Change Character in Fortnite: Save the World

There are many different characters in this game with different attributes. Some characters are also locked and these are unlocked by playing games and random opening of the looted mall will let you get some character unlocked. These can also be purchased.

How to Change Character in Fortnite: Battle Royale

In the beginning, the characters were provided by the system but then Epic games brought a new fashion of letting the user selecting the character. Now new skins can also be bought.

In order to keep skins in Fortnite Locker, click on the menu and select the locker tab and then click on the outfit button and choose the skin. After that choose the apparel you want to wear. This procedure will work for only unlocked skins.

Can you make Other Character Optimizations on Fortnite?

Even on high demand for this feature by users, there is yet no confirmation of its addition in the game. However, according to the official Twitter account, it seems that this option can be added in the future.

On the other hand, there many other new features being continuously added in the game to keep the interest of the gamers high. In this case, the possibility of having a character optimization option can also be seen. This feature will allow the users to select the character which they like and further users can also change their appearance through hair color, gender and skin color, etc.

There are plenty of new features added constantly to the game, so it could be entirely possible that one of those features will be character optimization, which will allow you to pick each character you want, and add your own customizations, like gender, hair color, and skin color and so on.

How to Change Character in Fortnite

  1. Buy a new skin, or get the season’s Battle Pass
  2. Go to the locker tab on the menu
  3. Click on the outfits slot
  4. Equip your new outfit by selecting the skin you want
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