FortCraft MOD And Guide For Android/iOS

Fortcraft Mod APK – At the moment, I am sure that people who love survival games are waiting for each day to experience Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnight Battle Royale Mobile is being released by Epic Games on Android, iOS soon.

fortcraft mod apk

Summary about FortCraft APK

Name FortCraft
Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version 0.10.115
Size 426.9 MB
MOD Features No
Platforms Android 4.0
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Survival gameplay

In Fort Craft, you not only focus on classic gunfights, but this game also allows you to build bases, guard systems to guard you in a safer way. Though, unlike the PC version, you can build in places where the game indicates, with no need to waste time assembly materials for the structure process. This makes the gameplay of Fort Craft faster, more exciting.

In the opening, you should quickly collect the required weapons to get ready for the clashes. There are a few behaviors you should know when lessening from the plane, notice the other players fall along with you, to aid you to know how many enemies in the area with you. Since this is a continued existence game, just one mistake, you can pay the price with life, so every modest factor is also very important.

Weapons & vehicles

As I see, in the game of continued existence, staying in a location is never a good idea. Because you do not know the condition out there, do not know if somebody is watching you or not. People who are regularly moving are often self-assured people, catching the game very well.

Fort Craft has a diversity vehicle system, allowing you to move between areas as quickly as probable. Though you should be careful when using them, because they are catching the notice, so other players can detect and track you.

Largely, this is a quite perfect survival game. Even with the reputation as a clone game, Fort Craft still has many attractions, many of the surprises. Moreover, the game has many other fascinating features for you to explore.


Though the graphics quality of the game is not too high, Fort Craft is so much lighter than the games of the same genre, giving the player a smoother experience, even on the low configuration device. Not too high but not bad at all. the whole thing in the game is good. Bright colors, you will not think this is a fierce battlefield. In addition, the sound effects of the game are also tremendously detailed and real.


If you are a player who loves the continued existence game, you will feel the interesting of this game. No plot, no charge, you just survive, that’s enough. Next to many other games, Fort Craft is still a very potential name

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