How Can I Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error in Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox is most common among users after the Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox contain support its own extensions and provides its browser updates regularly. Sometimes because of these updates it becomes incompatible with the OS. The most common error that occur in such situation is Couldn’t load XPCOM.

Many users try to resolve this issue by eliminating the junk file by clearing the cache, installing various virus scans and by performing system reboot continuously. We must tell you all these things will never be able to solve your problem.

However, every problem comes with a solution. In this article, we will discuss the reasons of these errors and how to fix the couldn’t load XPCOM error. Every OS contains different solutions of this problem. All of these are shared here.

Causes Of Firefox XPCOM Error

This error may occur because of the given below conditions

It occurs on windows OS computer because of windows update and the user is opening the Firefox afterwards.
It also occurs sometimes when Firefox profile folder is corrupted. This folder is usually corrupted because of some virus or when you install any third-party extension on your Firefox.

How To Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error

Let’s have a look at methods how you can solve this error. We have shared various methods that cause this error in Linux, Windows, Ubuntu etc.

Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error In Linux

When you update the Firefox the first problem that comes is given below

In order to solve this problem in Arch Linux. Follow these below mentioned steps

It will resolve the problem of XPCOM error

Fix Firefox Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error In ThunderBird

It is happening because the Thunder profile folder and Thunder program is not stored at the same location.

So, uninstall it and then install its new version again.

To uninstall the thunderbird, follow these steps

  • First, go to the start
  • Choose settings
  • Visit control panel
  • Next, select “Programs and features”
  • Choose Mozilla thunderbird and tap on uninstall.
  • You can download it from the given link Download ThunderBird

Couldn’t Load Xpcom Error In Tor Bundle Browser

If this error occurs when you open the tor browser bundle, then it is because Webroot security software is stopping Tor from commencing.

No need to download the Webroot security package. You just need to follow these steps to deal with this issue

  • Go to Webroot
  • Tap on identity Protection.
  • Tap on Application Protection.
  • Locate the file with the word tor in c:\users\desktop\torbrowser\browser”.
  • At the right side following options are present deny, protect, allow.
  • Choose “allow”.
  • By doing so, your problem of XPCOM in the TOR bundle browser will be solved.

Fix Couldn’t Load XPCOM Error In Windows

#Precautionary Method:: Run An Anti-Virus Through Your System

This method is to make sure that your computer is virus free before solving the XPCOM Firefox problem.

First, boot your PC into the safe mode.

For Windows 7, Vista & XP:

Restart your PC and tap on the F8 key before the window’s logo becomes visible.
Choose the advanced option from the screen and then safe mode with networking.
Click enter

For Windows 10, 8.1/8:

  • Press windows and R key to open the RUN window on your PC.
  • Write msconfig and press OK.
  • Open the boot tab.
  • Choose the safe boot and network options and tap on OK.
  • Restart your PC again.

Step 2. Run TDSSKiller Anti-rootkit utility.

  • First download the “kaspersky’s TDSSKiller Anti-rootkit utility” at your PC. You can download it from  TDSSKILLER.
  • Run TDDSSKiller
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Tap next.
  • Perform the start scan and wait for few seconds until the scan is complete.
  • Choose the “cure” to eliminate the infections.

Step 3: Delete malicious entries from Windows Startup.

  • First, download CCleaner. You can download it from CCleaner Installation.
  • run the utility.
  • Choose the “Tools”.
  • Next, tap on Start-up button.
  • Select the Windows tab.
  • Click and delete any doubtful entry present here.

Step 4: Uninstall Unknown or Unwanted programs

Go to windows control panel.
Choose he program list and delete if you find any unwanted app here.

Step 5: Reset your Firefox Browser Settings.

This step is mandatory, and you must have to follow it. If you have removed all the unwanted plug-ins, extensions and settings but still the XPCOM error is occurring then you should follow the steps give below

  • Go to the Firefox menu and select help.
  • Choose troubleshooting information.
  • Tap on Refresh Firefox button.
  • Close the Firefox windows.

FIX Couldn’t Load XPCOM Step by Step Guide

Given below are some methods that you can follow to overcome this error

METHOD 1: Reinstall And Upgrade Firefox To The Latest Version

Using another web browser. Get the latest version of Firefox.

No need to uninstall Firefox. Simply, run it on your PC and follow the prompts to update the Firefox application.

You can get the latest version of Firefox from here Firefox Download.

METHOD 2: Uninstall Firefox Completely And Re-install

Remove everything related to Firefox from your PC such as

  • Deleting Firefox.
  • Eliminate the registry entries.
  • Eliminate from program files
  • Clear the AppData folder.
  • Remove from program data folder.
  • We do not suggest changing the registry editor as it may cause some other errors as well.

You can download the iobit uninstaller to uninstall the Firefox.

  • Tap on uninstall Firefox.
  • After that clear one more folder from Appdata.
  • Press Win+R to open the run window. Write %appdata% and click enter.
  • Locate and remove the Mozilla folder.

METHOD 3: Start Firefox In Safe Mode And Disable Firefox’s Extensions (Add-ons)

  • Hold the SHIFT key and then double click to open the Firefox.
  • Click on start in safe mode option.
  • If now Firefox opens without XPCOM error then Firefox add-on my caused this error.
  • Disable the installed add-ons and then start the Firefox normally again until the extension causing the error is located.
  • Remove this extension.

METHOD 4: Reset Firefox Settings To Default (Refresh Firefox)

  • Open Firefox in safe mode.
  • Click on refresh Firefox.

It will refresh all Firefox features and create a new user profile by eliminating all Firefox extensions.

Following things will not be removed

  • Browsing history
  • Passwords
  • Cookies
  • Personal dictionary
  • Bookmarks
  • Open windows and tabs
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