Free Facebook Games Coupons And Credits

Facebook Games Coupons And Credits – Free Gift Card Codes

Free Facebook Games Coupons And Credits

Facebook Games Credits – Technology has changed the world. It has change the way we communicate, the way we pay our bills and transfer money and much more. With no doubt these changes has made our lives much easier. Every company is trying to add more effective and useful features in applications to serve their users in different ways.

How to Get Free Facebook Games Credits

Facebook, Inc. is an American online internet-based and social networking service organization. It was established on February 4, 2004. Facebook games credits are a general feature of Facebook. Facebook games credits are a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in many games and applications on the Facebook platform.

Credits are points that you can buy with real money and that is stored with your Facebook account data on the mother ship in Palo Alto(an American multinational cybersecurity company). It is like the bank keeps track of the Dollars you have an account there.

Facebook Credits can be used to pay for a variety of stuff in Facebook apps, and Facebook takes a cut thirty percent of the value of any transaction using Credits. One U.S dollar is interchangeable of 10 Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits were available in 15 currencies. Facebook declared all Facebook game developers would be required to process payments only through Facebook Credits from July 1, 2011. Facebook keep thirty percent and designers get seventy percent of all income earned through Credits.

Use Facebook Credits to Purchase Games, Apps, Movies, and Deals

To get started using Facebook credits, you can buy Facebook credits through your credit card, PayPal, or mobile phone. Facebook credits can be purchased through the payment tab in your account settings. It involves the following process

  • Login to Facebook
  • Click on your account tab at the upper right corner
  • Choose account setting from the drop down menu. From these, choose the payments tab, and decide to either buy more Facebook credits. View your Facebook credits purchase history. Direct your payment methods, or change your selected currency.

After you have purchased Facebook credits, your Facebook credit balance will be displayed in your games dashboard, so you can easily track your Facebook credit spending style. If you would like to use your Facebook credits for Facebook games, select one from list of Facebook games.

Also, Win Free Facebook Ad Credits

You can also redeem your Facebook credits simply by using the pin code which is given at the back of your game card. Many people are using Facebook credits as many of people are logged in into it. It does not have large amount of competitors but if some well-known company were to offer this service without the huge cut of thirty percent that Facebook takes out after every transaction then users will definitely prefer it.

So, it is concluded that at the current time many people are using this feature of Facebook and soon in near future people will be able to buy real goods with the credits not only virtual goods.

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