Best Windows 10 Equalizer to Improve Audio Output of PC

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If you want to get the best audio experience then you should use windows 10 equalizer. It is used to enhance the quality of every media on windows 10 PC. It can enhance the listening or viewing experience. There are numerous software in the world that can help to improve the audio quality. It is like registry cleaner and the drivers need to be revised.

With the help of an equalizer, you can enjoy audio in better quality. By setting up the elements of the PC, the user can enjoy audio in better quality. Usually, equalizers can enhance the treble and bass of your speakers. You may get better quality by toggles on the equalizer.

You can choose the best audio equalizer for your PCs from the list mentioned below.

Best Windows 10 Equalizer to Improve Audio of PC

Windows offers many features that used to meet the desires of users. Though many updates and services offered by windows but some features still need improvements. For this purpose, many developers and programmers offer many kinds of software that use to improve windows programs.

Windows equalizer is one of the most popular software that is used to enhance the audio quality of windows. An equalizer adjusts windows audio by just managing the frequency of components. This software used the technique of adjusting the real musical instruments. This app will help you to enhance the audio within a few clicks and taps.

Multiple software is available in the market for windows 10 equalizer. If you have bad audio quality in your PC then you should try windows 10 equalizer. It will manage the quality of audio on your PC. You can set audio settings of your PC as you want. You can manage each audio pieces, for example, surrounds, equalizer and environment. Instead of using default settings. windows equalizer will give you support to manage these features as you want. Several equalizers are mentioned below.

Windows 10 Default Equalizer

Every window has a built-in equalizer, similarly, windows 10 also has a built-in equalizer. You can enhance the audio quality of your PC by using this equalizer. Let’s have a look at the steps to enhance quality.

  • Go to the speaker icon which is situated at the bottom-right corner of the taskbar. Click on it.
  • Select playback option from the menu.
  • You will see a sound dialogue window on your screen.
  • Go to the playback tab and then right-click on the default speaker.
  • Then click on properties.
  • Now go to the enhancement tab and tick the equalizer checkbox.
  • Sound effect properties will be shown to your screens.
  • Now you can manage windows audio as you want to.

Equalizer Pro

This the most popular equalizer on the internet. It can provide you with the best quality audio. It is user-friendly. It also works as an audio enhancer. You can get the best quality by managing bass, treble segments and mid. It gives the bass boost effect for your speakers.


This equalizer enhances the quality of audio. It offers crystal clear audio, booming bass and high-fidelity tools. These features let users adjust the settings according to their choices. It also gives 3D sound experience.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

This is the most commonly used equalizer. it can operate from an open-source. Users can manage the audio settings on the stereo mix, microphone, line-in and speakers. It has ten band equalizer setting. It also provides sound effect options that are separated into two categories.


It is on the list of best equalizers. It provides eighteen bands rather than ten bands. Users can also set audio with the provided effects, for example super bass, jazz music, rock music and e.t.c.

RealTime Equalizer

This equalizer has the ability to enhance the audio quality of old audios. It can also process the WAV and MP3s. it provides you with the best listening experience by modifying the audio signals in real-time.

Bass Treble Booster

This software has the capability to provide good treble frequency editor and great also has file conversion features. you can manage files like WAV, WMA, OGG, APE MP3 and many more by using a bass treble booster.

Equalizer APO

This software offers advance features to enhance audio quality. You can improve the power of your speaker’s sound and quality by using this advanced technique. It also provides unlimited filters. If you want to use a new filter then you have to do it in the configuration file.

DFX Audio Enhancer

You can enhance the audio quality of your PC instead of managing the balance of your audio system. This software offers multiple types of sound effects, for example, ambience, 3D, fidelity, hyper bass and dynamic sound.

Graphic Equalizer Studio

You can adjust the audio output of your PC by using this software. This software works differently. This software can fix the errors in the DVD player software and windows sound app. You can check the audio signals by limiter and compressor.


Windows 10 has multiple features but some of them still need improvement. For example, audio quality of the window is not good. You can enhance the audio quality by installing an equalizer in windows 10. There are several softwares are mentioned above with different features that offer the best features to improve the audio of windows.

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