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Everyone dreams of a romantic story. Luckily, we are in the digital realm, with virtual opportunities. Not only we can be a part of them but we can create our own how we desire. Yes, discussing mobile game called Episode Choose Your Story.

Episode Choose Your Story is an incredible storytelling game created by Episode Interactive. In the respected game, not only you can play protagonist but can also mould the stories as you want by taking the respected actions

Many genres are offered.  Ranging from romance, drama, mystery, comedy, and fantasy. There are various chapters in each story which will get exciting with time and will engross you more as you keep playing. We have arranged out some top Episodes – Select Your Story Hack and Cheats that are able to support you hang onto playing these stories without any disruption. And most significantly, devoid of giving cash.

Episode Choose Your Story: The Concept

In Episode 2 forms of coins are accessible– Pick the desired Story game, Passes and Gems. Passes can be utilized to either Read or play any story that you want in the game. Whereas Gems can be used to pick out some essential selections that might shake the entire storyline in the stories.

Using an application purchasing choice both passes and gems can be bought. Though, there are numerous freeways being offered. Of them one is a legitimate hack of Episode Choose Your Story. The respected way can be searched online provided with the finest tips and tricks to apply in your game account.

Episode Choose Your Story Hack Tool – Free Passes and Gems Is it real?

in the game At any time you are deficient on passes and gems you can no longer read episodes neither can you create your desired selections in the game. So as to read stories and making your preferred picks. You can do is to look into a trial of an episode generator and how it appears in below image, Stay Away From Them!!

It is mandatory to own passes and gems. This is how the player is lead into searching online cheats of the game with the purpose of finding some techniques to get out of the deprivation of resources. 

There are numerous online trickster tools offered on several pages. But when he tries them fails why? Let’s see the authentic scheme of the generators.

Mostly fake resource generates are available when the players enter the search there, he writes in all his personal information as part of the procedure. Then the contact information he gives is later on sold to other marketing companies

Later the users are being spammed with different numerous advertisements by these marketing companies.

We as an accountable online gateway, like to need all of the game players that he or she ought not to once get tangled in these type of online diamonds or gems generators. By doing this, you can stay protected and shielded and not once have to get spammed.

The user duly goes after simply legitimate and genuine operational cheats and hacks for episode game. For the user’s ease, we have stated main and legitimate methods to acquire free diamonds

Why You Should Not Use Episode Passes and Gems Generator?

As soon as it arises to utilize online Episode Free of cost Passes cheat to create free of cost resources in episode pick the desired story game,

“There is No Such Thing like Episode Hack or Generators”.

This is how you will be unsuccessful by means of Episode Gems and Passes Generator online:

  1. First of all, your contact details will be out to the public as told above
  2. Pass hack is a myth and will not offer you passes or diamonds whatsoever.
  3. You might end up completing different surveys just in the hunger of free diamonds.
  4. These bids and reviews will get remunerated to the generator proprietor.

So don’t ever use such type of tools online to catch free of cost resources whatsoever.

6 Legit Episode Hack and Cheats to use in the Gameplay for Free Passes and Gems

These are not solitary methods to achieve free of cost passes and gems. The game itself has prepared numerous alternatives obtainable to gross these resources from the game. Try this simple trick to get free robux on your Roblox account.

  1. Opt for Periodic Subscription: In Episode, membership of a premium member has monthly weekly yearly membership. It is not free of cost, but still, it can be considered if you are not eager to use extra cash purchasing passes and gems frequently from the game. As if you purchase annual membership unrestricted number of stories can be read without selective choice restrictions of any kind. The user gets access to all its top content without being uncertain about its reading just In $39.99,
  2. Free Passes for Every 4 Hours: If you are not persuaded for purchasing the episode free of cost membership codes. You are still capable of reading your preferred stories for free of cost by means of presently making passes. You can catch a free of cost pass after every 4 hours.
  3. Create Your Own Story for Generating Extra Passes and Gems If the story you are making is fetching and entertaining to play. It can get widespread in a very short time span that can as well start receiving free  of cost passes and gems
  4. Connect With Social Media: In spite of it is an erstwhile prize of free gems and passes,  is yet substantial doing. As soon as you join your game account through social media, you will be awarded a decent sum of free diamonds/gems and passes
  5. Completing Daily Challenges: One can earn One free Pass if he reads 4-5 chapters. So don’t forget to get free passes by completing your daily challenges.