Top 10 Easiest Platinum Trophies For Getting The $10 PSN Store Code

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1. Mr. Massagy

Easiest Platinum Trophies – Mr. Massage is a bit of a strange game. You play as Mr. Massagy as you utilize a dating app to meet a variety of quirky characters.

2. My Name is Mayo

Next up is an additional strange game that’ll get you a platinum trophy in under an hour. My Name is Mayo is from the same people as Mr. Massagy and it has an alike level of unusual weirdness.

easiest platinum trophies

3. 36 Fragments of Midnight

It’s great for a trophy hunt. There are 12 trophies as a whole and you’ll be able to get platinum in 30 minutes with a walkthrough. 36 Fragments of Midnight costs $2.99 and it is obtainable on the PSN Store.

4. Infamous First Light

The trophies do have need of you to diverge from following the main story a little bit, but thankfully the whole practice is very enjoyable.

5. Slyde

Slyde is fundamentally a free trophy to add to your list. Slyde costs just $0.99 and it is a straightforward puzzle sliding game that has need of you to move tiles in a grid to create complete images. There are simply three levels and you can complete them within just a small number of minutes.

That is all it takes to get platinum in Slyde, making it unquestionably the easiest game to obtain a platinum trophy from on the PlayStation Network.

6. Life is Strange

These games are also very well-liked and chances are you’ll by now own one of them or may have a friend who you can have a loan of a physical copy from.

Life is Strange is the primary story game in this list and it’ll take about 12 hours to complete. It’s an outstanding game and well worth playing even without any incentive.

7. Tales from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands do have a platinum trophy and it’s also one of the quickest from Telltale to complete. It’ll take you about 10 hours to get through the narrative, but you don’t have to do any elective extras whatsoever.

Once you’ve made your way through the story just the once, that’ll be it, you will have unlocked the platinum trophy.

8. Batman The Telltale Series PS4

Up next is another Telltale Game that shares a comparable experience to Tales from the Borderlands. It’s an outstanding story game that requires very little effort from the player to complete.

Once again, all you need to do is play through the narrative once and you will unlock the platinum trophy. This game should take approximately 10 hours to complete as well.

9. The Order: 1886

The Order: 1866 is on this list because it is one of the quickest AAA games to acquire a platinum trophy from. Not only that but the bulk of the 22 trophies in The Order: 1866 are completed just by finishing the major story and the remainder only requires small feats like killing an opponent in a certain way.


Primary, you have the original game, a 2D platformer game that can be completed in under an hour devoid of much help. Then you have The World of Nubla, a precise copy of Nubla, but with an additional demo that doesn’t even need to be played to unlock the platinum trophy.

What’s The Point In Paying For Games For Platinum Trophies?

Some games on this list are very inexpensive, whilst others have physical copies that can be borrowed or buy for a very small amount of money.

Keep in mind that you’ll also get a large chunk of Rewards Pass points for unlocking all of the trophies needed to get platinum.

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