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eBay is a famous retail store all around the world. It is the most demanding store when we talk about holiday shopping. With increase in demand the prices also increase and free gift card on eBay becomes handy.

6 Best Methods to Get Free eBay Gift Cards in 2019

We know most people do not like to spend their money to get free eBay gift cards.

So, almost everyone is looking for methods to get free eBay gift cards. Here in this article we are sharing some methods to get free eBay gift cards.

Method #1 Use Swagbucks

Do you really use the internet daily? Or you spend some time daily on the internet then you can use Swagbucks to get free eBay gift cards.

At this platform you will have to perform some online tasks like watching videos, completing some easy surveys and such others. You can also install some games and applications promoted by this website.

You just need to gather enough amount of the swagbucks which you can redeem later to get gift cards. However, there is a specific threshold of the swagbucks which you must fulfill.

Method #2 Sign Up for MyPoints

MyPoints is another website for getting free eBay gift card and cash back. You just need to accomplish some easy tasks that take only 3 to 4 minutes. It is also called as free Xbox live codes online.

Complete some easy tasks available on the website such as completing survey, watching video and fulfill the threshold requirement of the website to get redeem these points to get gift cards.

Method #3 Use InboxDollars

At this platform you can earn free points just by spending a few minutes regularly like other websites. First of all, you will have to register on this website and then complete some easy tasks provided by the website.

Once you registered for this account it is very easy to get and complete tasks like completing easy survey, installing apps and games and others.

You can redeem your points after getting a certain amount of points from the website.

However, if you do not want to redeem your points for gift card then you can also get real cash for these points. So, do not miss the chance to get the gift card or real cash.

You can accomplish some easy surveys, install some games and apps, and watch videos and such other easy tasks.

After completing these tasks you will get your points which you can redeem to get free eBay gift card.

Method #4 Ebates to Get the Highest Cashback

Ebates is considered as one of the top ranked cashback payers to its users. If you are planning something for holiday then without any second thought you should use this platform.

Whenever you buy something from Ebates they will reward you some points based on the thing that you have purchased.

Once you get a specific amount of points you can redeem them to get amount in your account. Later on, you can use this cash to get yourself an eBay gift card.

Method #5 Complete Tasks on Prizerebel

You can get free eBay gift card from this website as well. You just need to spare some time to complete the easy tasks like providing feedback, completing survey and such other.

After completing these tasks successfully you can get reward points in the form of real cash in your PayPal account. You can also get free eBay gift cards. This is totally your choice how you use these points.

Method #6 Earn Cash on Ibotta and Get Gift Cards on eBay

Ibotta is a very flexible platform to get free eBay gift card. This is because it sends directly into your personal bank account rather than any preset gift card codes.

You will have to create an account on this website and then make purchases from the store affiliated with this platform. Once your payment script is verified you will get cash in your account.

Now, you are free to use this cash. You can buy any gift card with it including the eBay gift card with this cash.


All these are authentic methods to get free eBay gift card. So, don’t worry when you are using these methods.

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