Dragon Hills 2 MOD And Guide For Unlimited Coins


Dragon Hill 2 Mod APK – Game developers do not get bored with developing zombie killing games for example, world war Z, MR Vampire etc. Rebel twins have been given us such entertaining games for both android and IOS. After huge success of first version, now there has been launched its second version.

dragon hill 2 mod apk

Summary about Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

Name Dragon Hills 2
Genre 2D, Action, Offline
Latest Version 1.1.4
Size 78M
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Platforms Android 4.1
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It’s part 2 of Dragon Hills:

The game is about a princess who fights evil. When it has been defeated and peace has been restored, the world is without disaster. But one day a diseases strike upon the world making ordinary people into zombies. Moreover, the aliens are manipulating them to conquer the earth and then the sleepy dragon awakes. Now the brave princess has to rescue the world again.


You will be in the position of the princess who has to deal with all the zombies and aliens with the help of controlled dragon. The dragon has no wings and can be controlled by flying up from the ground to destroy and kill the enemies. Taking advantage of this, you come over the obstacles in more of an unanticipated ways.

The functioning of dragon is easy as you only have to control his dive from up to down. With these two keys you will be able to kill anything that comes your way. You will be collecting the brains of the enemies when killed, to get points and increase level.


There is more to this game, for example you need to protect the dragon from toxic ponds and laser shields otherwise game will be over. Zombies will also possess weapons to attack you and dragon. In the end of each stage, you will be fighting against the zombie boss who will be much stronger and intelligent to deal with.

Upgrade the power to the fire dragon:

When reaching on higher level, the game will have more powerful enemies to fight against. In this case the game offered to upgrade your weapons and skills that can be unlocked by the princess. Not to worry about up gradation because the gold coins are the key so don’t miss a chance to collect them.

2D graphics:

Although the graphics are simple 2D as in the first version but still are cute cartoon style to get entertained. Each character, zombies, dragons have been drawn in attractively nice way. The sound effect is powerful and explosion sound is kind of monumental making it more interesting.

Sum up:

Dragon Hills 2 is a fun game to play in your free time with simple gameplay and energetic and lively sound effects.

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