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Summary of Dragalia Lost MOD Online

Dragalia Lost is not a very old game. It was released by a collaboration of Cygames and Nintendo. This mobile game is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Sad news for the gamers is that the game can only be downloaded in the US, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Taiwan.

The Plot of Dragalia Lost

If you want to take a break from your stressful life, you can start playing this game today. It takes you into a world of fantasy where you can decide your own fate based on your gameplay and skills. In this game, you play in a land called Alberia. This is an interesting place where humans and dragons are living together peacefully.

You can also shapeshift into a dragon if you form a treaty. Things start to go wrong when the Sacred Shard of this land starts losing its power. The player in this game is Euden, who is the seventh prince of Alberia. Your task is to form a treaty with the dragons and to discover the reason for the weakness of the Sacred Shard.

How to Play?

Playing Dragalia Lost is very easy as you just need to use the arrows to control your player. You have to attack your enemies and dodge their attacks. All your enemies have some weakness and you need to play on these to defeat them completely. On your quest, you will come across monsters that you will have to fight and reason with. The final Boss monster comes at the end.

There is a building in the game which is called the Haildom. In here, you can customize your player and improve its appearance and strengths. There are 60 heroes to choose from and they all have their own weapons. In the Haildom, you can also train your dragon for the fight.

Upgrade Players

You can upgrade characters or buy them using Diamantium and Wyrmite which are the two currencies in Dragalia Lost. When you complete quests, you will get the currency.

Exciting Gameplay

As far as the graphics are concerned, they are pretty good. The characters are anime-style while the sound is also quite good. It has been inspired by Daoko, who is a Japanese sound artist.

Dragalia Lost Trailer

How To Earn Unlimited Resources in Dragalia Lost MOD

  • Go to the Form Above
  • Enter your Real Game Username
  • Select the Device/OS Platform
  • Check Infinite Resources Buttons
  • Click on the Final Step Button
  • Due to So Many Resources Requests on a daily basis, we try to avoid bots as much as possible.
  • So you need to verify your identity for participation.
  • Once done, Enjoy Unlimited Resources.
  • Good Luck 🙂
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