How to Download and Play PUBG On Mobile, PC, Xbox One and PS4

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) is considered as the best game royal game that was first released for PC and then Xbox one. The developers of this game collaborated with the Tencent games to launch it for iOS and Android. This worked completely as expected. Currently, this game is available for every platform. We are going to show you how you can download it on mobile, PC, Xbox One and PS4.


In this game, you are going to have a lot of fun with your friends even after playing this game thousands of times. Fortnite is the biggest competitor of this game. However, PUBG has managed to make its way at the top and available for PC, Xbox or mobile.

Before moving forward, you must know some basic information about the game so that you can understand its gameplay properly. This game is all about the last person standing. In other words, you will have to kill everyone else present on the island by using the weapons. You can either kill your opponent front on the front or you can choose a hiding strategy. Try not to stick in one place and keep your self in the play zone. Keep moving so that no one can shot you.

How to get PUBG on PC for free: full version PC

Step 1: First, download the blue stacks.

Step 2: Run it on your device

Step 3: Open the blue stacks and set your Google play store

Step 4: locate for PUBG mobile

Step 5: Tap on the install button

Step 6: Now, you are able to enjoy the PUBG mobile in the My Applications segment.

PUBG Mobile: Free download and play PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds on your Android and iPhone

You can easily download the PUBG mobile for the Android and iOS devices from the app store. There is no requirement to download the PUBG mobile app file to get the game. You can get it for Android from the Google play store and for iOS devices from the Apple store.

How to get PUBG For free on Xbox One

No, it is not possible to download the PUBG on Xbox one for free. However, if you have a gold membership then you are able to get it. You can get the PUBG for Xbox One from Amazon and Microsoft with respect to requirements and your budget. If you love to play multiplayer shooter games then you are going to love this game.

How to download and play PUBG on PS4?

PUBG Corp. has launched the PUBG for PS4 in the game reward 2018. So, now you can play it on PS4 as well. You will be able to enjoy the new snow map called “Vikendi”.

There are three maps available in the PUBG named MIRAMAR, SANHO, ERANGLE and another new map that is released in 2019 called VIKENDI. Many locations are available on the maps you must know where you should land. You must choose the appropriate place to land to get boats, weapons, vehicles, etc. In Miramar and Erangel you will find an 8*8 km area while Sanhok is smaller with a 4*4 km area with almost 50% of the area covered with water. The latest map Vikendi has 6*6 size.

PUBG Consumables

If we talk about the spawns on PUBG then there are 43,326 in Miramar, 23,689 in erangel, 28k in Vikendi and 13,897 in sankok. You must know about the usage of healing items like First aid kit heal the health to 75, bandages heal 10 overtime and medical kit will recover the health to 100 instantly. You can make use of energy drinks, adrenaline syringe and painkillers to boost up your power. Energy drink will boost 40%, 100% by adrenaline syringe and 60% with painkillers.

PUBG dynamic weather

Dynamic weather conditions are introduced in the PUBG map. With this, the fog, rain and other specific weather in the PUBG snow map are available throughout the game. You will find tactical landscapes in Erangel and roads full of dirt in the Miramar map. The dynamic weather is available in the new map vikendi and sanhok. It is also possible that weather will automatically change in the game.


After a long wait now the PUBG is available for the PS4. PUBG was already available for the PUBG PC, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Xbox one already and now PUBG Corp. has made its way to launch the PUBG for PS4 as well. Many users want to know about its price, guide, gameplay and more other necessary details. So, we are here to provide you all the information about the PUBG PS4.

Before going in-depth, you should know about the PUBG. Well, PUBG is the battle royal game in which you have played against the 99 players. Your goal is to kill everyone else and become the last man standing to win the chicken dinner. The question is what you have to do in order to become the last man standing. So, we are here to answer it.

PUBG PS4 GamePlay

  • You will land on the island with the help of a parachute. Here, you will have to compete against the 99 players. You can either play as a solo, duo or in a group of 4. You can choose one according to your own choice.
  • There is a total of 4 maps available in the PUBG. Three old maps named as Miramar, sanhok and erangel. While one new map is added called Vikendi.
  • You must keep an eye on your surroundings. Try to be aware of where most of the enemies are landing.
  • Try to make a good loot. Locate for the nearest shelter and collect helmets, grenades, ammo, weapons and other necessary items.
  • You must try to keep yourself inside the circle. If you are out of circle or safe zone it will cause you damage.
  • Make better strategies and plans to get “winner winner chicken dinner”

PUBG PS4 price and download size

Have you waited so long for the PUBG PS4 version? If yes, then you must want to know about its price as well. The price of the PUBG PS4 version is $29 and its size is 33.51GB. If we compare the Xbox one version with it then it is double that.

PUBG PS4 GUIDE: Lobby and Controller

PUBG lobby guide

  • You can choose to play solo, duo, group of four or 1-man squad.
  • You can choose either a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective.
  • To start the match, tap the play
  • You can make use of training mode for practice.
  • You can customize your character from head to toe including hairs, makeup, face, etc. You can select the skin, guns, helmet, parachute as well.
  • You can use BP to purchase the crates. Moreover, you can also use the PUBG currency and G-coins to buy things in the game.
  • You can set audio, gameplay, graphics, and controls according to your own preferences.

PUBG controller guide

  • In the game, five different controller schemes are available named as aim, basic, vehicle, map, and swim.
  • Another preset is available that is Type B. The major thing in Type B is the L2 button. By holding this button your avatar will go into the ADS and if you tap this button only once it will move you to the aim.

PUBG PS4 graphics

PUBG PS4 version has improved performance and graphics. Both versions PS4 pro and PS4 support HDR. Unfortunately, the PS4 version is not available in native 4k resolution.

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