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10 Things DOTA 2 Does Better Than League of Legends (Dota 2 VS LOL)

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1. Dota 2 is more complex than LoL

Dota 2 vs Lol – Dota 2 map is also dotted with many new structure types than LoL you also have the refute feature (slaughter your own creeps and destroying your building to refute other team gold), and Dota 2 matches need a senior level of cooperation between team members.

2. Dota 2 items have active abilities and Dota 2 heroes have more levels to unlock during matches

In Dota 2 you can level up your heroes practically until the final second. This gives players one more motivation to farm as much experience points as they can and creates endgame occupied by influential heroes making it more demanding but also more satisfying compared to LoL.

dota 2 vs lol

3. Dota 2 is a more faithful recreation of the original Defense of the Ancients

We have League of Legends that tried to generate a rather different experience to the original Defense of the Ancients with the game, in the end, becoming more well-liked than Dota 2 but failing to keep the spirit of the original MOBA experience in the process.

4. Leveling up abilities in-game is way better in Dota 2 than in LoL

This can be a bit trying until you are taught heroes and it, on the whole, nullifies the fact that League of Legends gameplay and personage heroes are easier to learn since the game features rotating hero rosters and because the game is more streamlined than Dota 2.

5. In Dota 2 every single hero is unlocked from the start

This is great because you can choose your favorites with no spending a dime on the game making the full practice priced at zero dollars.

6. In Dota 2 you can overview abilities of both allies and enemies

This is a huge strategic advantage for players who are still comparatively new to the game and for those who are comparatively experienced because, let’s face it, knowing every aspect about every single hero in a game with more than 100 playable characters means lots of learning and not all of us are prepared to commit that much time and forced into a video game.

7. Data 2 Battle Pass is way superior to LoL’s special events

Yes, every fight Pass costs $10 but initially, it’s absolutely worth it (though it would be great if in-game features such as the aptitude to avoid players and the new Party Finder be offered in a free update) because it comes with more plunder than similar fight Passes offered in another multiplayer heading (Fortnight, PUBG, Apex Legends, Rocket League, etc…)

8. While LoL is more popular eSports title Dota 2 has much higher prizes

Yes, League of Legends is way more popular with eSports fans and the game has obviously higher view counts on Twitch but if you plan on opening a specialized MOBA career Dota 2 is an enhanced choice. Why? Because prizes in Dota 2 tournaments are way advanced than in LoL.

9. Dota 2 is on Steam

Dota 2 is made by Valve and is frequently on the Steam’s most-played list. And even as Steam addition doesn’t look like that much of a profit in reality it is.

You get a game that is joined to the world’s most well-liked gaming service that comes with an overabundance of extra features that make the experience better and more enjoyable.

10. Dota 2 has much better support for custom modes

This gives player’s material to play in case they get uninterested with the main game mode. They can install an excess of mods that comprise new game modes, custom campaigns as well as totally original mods such as ultra-popular Dota Auto Chess, which is very good addictive.

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