Darkest Dungeon Cheats, Hacks and Trainers for Android/iOS

Darkest Dungeon Cheats

Darkest Dungeon Cheats and Hacks – Players around the globe, including hackers have come up with a numerous number of cheats and hacks that you can use to cheat in games. The thing about such cheats and hacks is that they are totally legal as the developers of such hacking or cheating apps don’t make any money form this meaning that these cheats and hacks are totally free for you to download. 

When it comes to Darkest Dungeon there are two types of cheats and hacks. One of them is manual which works for all the versions of the game whereas the other one is called the trainers which only works for certain versions of the game which means that you will have to update them as well when you upgrade the version of the game. 

How to Cheat in Darkest Dungeon? 

Cheating manually in Darkest Dungeon is quite simple. You just have to follow a few steps and you will be all set to go with the hacked or the modified version of the game. Here are the few steps that you need to follow;

  1. Find a legit Cheat Engine
  2. Install the Cheat Engine on your device
  3. Point out the PC icon on the application and connect it to the original app of Darkest Dungeon
  4. Scan your items such as money, HP, heirlooms and etc.
  5. Edit the value of those items 
  6. Scan the items again using the next scan option 
  7. Keep repeating the process until you get desired value
  8. Now freeze the value to get free unlimited money and etc.

Darkest Dungeon Values

The values in Darkest Dungeon are given below for you to understand the hacking process much better

  • Money / Gold = 4byte
  • Heirlooms (deeds, portraits, crests, busts) = 4byte
  • Health in Dungeon = 4byte 
  • Stress levels = 4byte
  • Light = 4byte 

Even though these hacks and cheat help you make the game easier but remember that the game is all about those items that you just get for free meaning that if you use all the hacks at the same time, there would be nothing for you to do which will make the game boring for you. So we suggest that you only get free money but farm the heirlooms yourself so that the game stays fun and gives you a feeling of achievement. 

You can use trainers to disable the stress machine as well to play the game for long and make it less complicated but you will have to regular update your trainers with the updates of the game and you don’t always find trainers that easily so manual hacking is the way. 

Trainers Download  

Trainers are hacks and cheats that are developed for a specific version of the game. And since the game is continuously being upgraded after the initial release thus trainers can be a pain in the ass as you will have to look for updated versions every time the game is updated. You can easily find trainers though but if you don’t than we recommend that you manually hack the game. 

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