Best CSGO Crosshair 2019-20 – Copy Pro Players or Customize

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CSGO Crosshair – We know that it is not easy for anyone to find CSGO crosshair for 2019. We have tried many crosshairs and also checked what is the reviews of the pro players about it. Here, you will get complete guidance on how you can get the best crosshair for yourself. You must know that different options are available on the internet.

Our objective is that you will be able to customize your crosshair according to your needs. You can change its looks, better movement, etc. In other words, you will get every information that you need to customize your crosshair.

CSGO Crosshair

Things to consider

If you are choosing the style of crosshair then it is not just about the looks. You cannot choose the one look because previously some pro player has already used it. This is because it may do not work for you properly. The thing you should consider is what things you need to make your game better and to take it to the next level. For instance, if you want to change in your movement then you should opt the classic style for your crosshair. If you want to be more determinant with your aim, then you should use dot and remove it when you are satisfied. If you are looking for improvement in spray, then you should consider the large crosshair.

Actually, we are trying to say that different options are available through which you can customize your crosshair. You just need to know what and how to do it. We are making sure that you will get the best CSGO crosshair.

Crosshair for movement

Not everyone is thinking to get the crosshair for the better movement.

Default Classic is the best for movement. It shows you are ready to shoot again and have 100% control. It also provides a dot that is perfect for tapping. The crosshair moves with the bullet that makes your connection good with the bullets. If you are thinking to improve the movements then this is a very good option for you because it is a required skill set that can take your game to the next level.

You can also try the Classic crosshair if you are a high-end player. This crosshair is better for those who focus on the spray. It does not provide dot and does not move when you are shooting.


Dot Crosshair

If you are using the dot crosshair it will provide you the best tapping experience. It makes sure that you are targeting the enemy’s head. It is considered as the best crosshair in CSGO for accuracy and tapping.

Type following in console for your Dot crosshair

cl_crosshairsize 0 
cl_crosshairdot 1 

You can use this crosshair for some weeks and then move to the classic static style and leave the dot crosshair.

Now, you have enough information about the crosshair, let’s look what pro players are using

Olofmeister – Rifler

If you want simple, nice crosshair then this is the best option for you. It is best for spray and also it is thin that will be helpful for you throughout the game.

Olofmeister’s is considered as one of the best rifles in the world. If you are a rifler then we highly recommend this crosshair.


Stewie2k is almost the same as Olofmeister. Most of the pro player uses similar to this crosshair with some customization.

Steie2K thinks is as compare to Olomeister however, still, it is small.

Give it a try and check whether is to satisfy your needs or not.


It is similar to the previously mentioned. It is almost the same size as Stewie2k with a small gap. The main difference is that this crosshair is light blue in color.


S1mple is considered as one of the best. We highly recommend our users to use this classic pro crosshair in CSGO. You will find it very interesting. It is a tiny green with a dot in the center. It will move with the recoil.


This crosshair is more famous among NA players as compare to EU ones. It is a default style crosshair and static. It is simple and neat.


Now, you have all the required information to have a crosshair like the pro players. Every player makes sure that they are using good video and audio settings.

Do not just blindly follow the pro player. Always look for your needs and then customize your crosshair. You can use the information given in this article for customization. With your own customization, you can make a best crosshair and you can change it whenever you want even during gameplay. You should always try with the basic that is not static. With this style, your crosshair moves with movement that makes your improvements better. When you are satisfied with your crosshair then you can try different sizes like thin, big, thick or simply a dot. Now, use this information to make the best crosshair for yourself.

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