50 Free Chegg Accounts [6 Ways to get Premium Accounts]

In this article, you will get information on how you can get free premium Cheggy accounts without using any money. We have also shared 6 methods to get free Cheggy accounts. You will find 50 free account username and passwords here. As this is a technological era, the system of education is also revolutionized. With the help of the internet, education is approachable to everyone nowadays. Cheggy,Inc. is an American technology based company.

At first, Cheggy provide online textbook on rent. Later on, they have to start helping in homework, online tuition, scholarships, internship matching and other such things that are helpful for the student.

What services does Chegg offer?

If you register yourself at this platform you can access almost 9000 books solution here. During your free trial, you can take help from the expert anytime. It contains solution of millions of questions in their database. It is very useful and helpful for the students.

How much does a Chegg Account cost

If we consider the services provided by the Cheggy then we must say its premium version is cheap. After utilizing the free trial, you can get premium mode at following rate

  • Subscription for 1-month at $14.95S
  • Subscription for 1-year at $74.95
  • You can borrow books for some time. They provide services at very low price. They provide free shipping
  • facility if you order more than $85. You can easily consult an expert according to your question. It is simple, easy and very effective. It costs 7 cents for each minute.

You can easily cancel your order anytime as this platform is very user friendly.

How to get a free Chegg Account

Try these below mentioned methods to get free cheggy account.

1. Free Chegg Account Username and Passwords

Many websites over the internet provide free cheggy accounts along with passwords.

If you are on some authentic website, then these usernames and passwords may work for you and you can get access to free cheggy account. However, sometimes these websites are nothing but a scam. You will get nothing but a virus from such websites. You may have to provide your email address and contact in order to access these platforms.

 2. Use Swagbucks

Use the below mentioned steps to get a premium cheggy account

  • Go to swagbucks
  • Log in to swagbucks using your email address.
  • After that you will get an email on the provided address for confirmation.
  • Tap on the verification button.
  • Now, you will be asked to complete some easy tasks.
  • After all of this, your free account will be sent to your email address.

This is it!!! By using these steps completely, you can access free cheggy account.

3. Get Chegg Account Free Trial without Credit Card

  • First create a free fake credit card from any website such as http://card-generator.com/.
  • The generator will create a random card and provide essential details. You can get Mastercard, AMEX, Visa that
  • you can use to sign into any website.
  • Save the card details.
  • Visit the cheggy site free trial page.
  • Provide your credit card detail here to sign up.

4. Get Chegg Account Free Trial with Credit Card

You can easily access the free trial version of the cheggy account using your real credit card. The free trial version lasts for seven days.

Warning: Don’t forget to cancel the subscription when the free trial is expired. If you forget to do that you will have to pay for the paid version. The amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

When you are using the free trial version you can access the following features

  • Thirty minutes of free video.
  • Books can be rented.
  • Free homework guide.
  • Expert help all time.
  • Quick answer to your queries.

5. Use Plug-ins and Hacks to Unblur Answers

If you are trying to unblur the answers on cheggy by using the plug-ins, then we must tell you it is not going to work.

No such plug-ins are available that can unblur the content. The blurring is done officially from cheggy website and there is no possible way to unblur it.

6. Use Multiple Email ids

If your free trail version is expired but you still want to enjoy the free version, then create another cheggy account. You can create another cheggy account with other email address and enjoy the free stuff for some other time.

Final Take!

We hope this provided information helps you in getting free cheggy account. If you face any problem while using these methods, you can tell us about it in the comment section. We will try to resolve all issues. We hope this article is beneficial and effective for everyone.


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