Best Cheapest CSGO Knife Skins – Full Guide

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Cheapest CSGO Knife – If we talk about customization then CSGO does not provide many options. However, different skins are available that you can get either at the end of the match or also through a loot box that you can open through the specific key. The most demanding skin is knife skin, that cost almost $1000. If you want to get the knife skin ASAP, then you should loom for the cheap CSGO knife skins.

cheapest csgo knife

Renting skins

If you are looking for a cheap knife, then renting skins is a very good option for you. You can get any category of the knife by subscribing to different services such as LootBear. We think it is a very good way to get the desired items without paying for them. we must clear you one thing that you are renting these skins, you are not the owner.

Some of the cheapest CSGO Knives

1. Shadow Daggers | Boreal Forest

This is the cheapest knife available in the market along with the rust. They contain amazing inspect feature. It costs almost 60$ for the Battle Scared version. While for the FN and MM version it costs 120$.

2. Navaja knife | Forest DDPAT

This knife does not have a good inspect visual effect however it is small and neat. Some people prefer using this knife over the visual effects of the knife. As we have mentioned these are the cheapest knives, Forest DDPAT cost vary from 60$-80$. The price depends on visibility. FN is uncommon and you will have to pay almost 10x of the money for its exterior.

3. Falchion Knife | Safari Mesh

It is a good option for a cheap knife in CSGO. This is because if you want to get its higher exterior then it costs almost the same as the lower exterior. For instance, you can have minimal wear knife at the same cost to that of a battle-scarred one. Its costs vary between 60$ to 85$. If you are thinking to get the stat-track version with the high exterior, then you will have to pay almost 100$.

4. Factors that Affect Skin Price

Different factors affect the price of knife skin in the CSGO. So, everyone must know which cheap knives are better and costs good in the steam market. Through this information, you will also understand the value of a knife that is required later.

Skin Quality

All weapon skins are available with different levels of exterior quality. For instance, FN skins considered to have the most valuable quality as they do not contain any visual flaw. On the other hand, BS is most worn-out and value is low. If you visit the steam market and look for the cheap knife skins in CSGO then you will find Field-tested (FT), Battle-Scarred (BS) and Well-Worn (WW).


Many skin weapons in CSGO contains Stat Trak^TM in the name. This stat Trak^TM actually represents how many kills you have done using the specific weapon with the skin. This Stat Trak^TM is basically a counter or etched number present at the surface of the knife. This is because the Stat Trak^TM is more expensive as compare to regular counterparts.

IMPORTANT – The kill count will be reset if you replace the Stat Track^TM with another Stat Trak^TM. However, you can make use of the swap tool to transfer the tools from old skin to new.


Some skins are declared as souvenir skins because they come from limited edition crates. These crates are given to players as a gift that watches professional CSGO events like PGL, E-LEAGUE, and MLG. For the identification, their names are available in yellow color. These skins are available in multiple qualities and some time they also contain Stat Trak ^TM. These skins always have limited edition stickers present on them. however, these skins are more expensive if we compare them with other regular counterparts.

What’s Cheap Right Now?

We have searched what are the cheapest CSGO knife skins on the steam community during the last few months. Here, we have shared what we have found

Given below is the list of cheapest knives on the steam community Market

  • Boreal Forest
  • Safari Mesh
  • Scorched
  • Forest DDPAT
  • Urban Masked

The five cheapest knives on the basis of type are given below

  • Gut knife
  • Shadow dagger
  • Stiletto knife
  • Navaja knife
  • Falchion knife

Tips on Buying the Cheapest CSGO Knife Skins

Are you looking for the cheapest knives in CSGO and want something that worth your cash? Given below are some points that can help you

  • Find out why you want it.if you are picking a knife and wants to make a profit through it then you must look for its value as well. If you are choosing knife that you want to use, then look for the cheap skin with some quality.
  • Trash or treasure? You must know knife skin’s beauty is not about its cost and quality. Some people prefer to have worn-out skin while other wants to have brand new knife skin. You can check the low-price option, it is quite possible that you find something that you like.
  • Sell if you don’t want it. Sometime the expensive knives are even not filling your needs. If you have the high-valued knife and don’t want it then you can sell it and use the money to buy the knife according to your requirements. You can use the cash to buy the weapon skins.
  • Careful with the waiting game. Some players wait that their favorite skins will become low-priced. However, it is also possible that these skins become high value. So, you always try to buy the skins as soon as possible.

The Rundown

If you are looking for a quick answer, here’s a quick view of how you can get the CSGO knife.

  • You can make a profit by selling and buying weapon skins
  • Increase your steam wallet funds
  • Buy yourself a key and open a crate

The cheapest knife of CSGO have the following qualities

  • No Stat Trak^TM included.
  • Low-quality skins (WW, BS, FT)
  • Non-souvenir skin

You must know that the prices will vary according to the skins. You must keep your eye on the steam community to get information about low price knife skins.

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