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Summary of Boom Beach

If you want to get the real battle experience then Boom Beach will be a very strategic and choice. In this game, you have to make your offensive and defensive forces and the main goal is to battle with other players just to collect more resources. So it is a game with a lot of depth that you can see in few big games. The game gets slow when you have to collect more resources and you have to fulfill your requirements. And in the crowded seas, sometimes, you will feel like you are standing alone.

In this article, you are going to get more information about the game. So let’s start discussing it in detail.

The New and Modern Skin of the Game

The developer of this game is Super cell and they have just given a new skin to this game after viewing the game such as Clash of Clans. The high levels of the game are very interesting and the design of the game is just approachable. If you will view the tutorial of the game then you will get a clear understanding feeling and you will be able to upgrade your basics in a proper way.

Upgrading the Base

The best thing about this game is that when you are not battling then you are just upgrading your base. There are a lot of things and materials that are required for the upgrade. There are total nine resources in the game and the most important and the unique one is the Gold. In early stages, the wood is the main building block. The interesting fact about the wood is that it is completely banned in the beach areas.

Once you have enough wood in your account then you can put your interests in the iron and stone walls. In this game, you don’t have a direct control over the troops and for players, it is really a frustrating thing. You must have enough points to fire the missile on the other ship and you really have to make real-time attacks to make your battle strategy more powerful. It will just give you a unique sense of pride.

Boom Beach Trailer

How to Install Boom Beach MOD APK?

  1. Download “Boom Beach”
  2. Extract into your PC or Mobile device using File Manager.
  3. Place Data file at “/sdcard/Android/data
  4. Start Game and Enjoy.

Download Boom Beach MOD APK on Android

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