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When someone decides to buy a book they must look at the to find a book for free. So, that they don’t need to buy a book. Unfortunately, has now announced that they are quitting and notifying their customers about this through emails. They are quitting because they have lost their domain and now they want to switch from to Here, we have provided some of the best alternatives of

You can choose one alternative according to your choice. You can easily get multiple eBooks from these websites for free.

10 Best Bookzz Alternatives

Given below are ten best alternatives of bookzz. You can easily find books of your choice at these platforms. So, don’t worry and have a look at these alternatives.

Library genesis

Library genesis is a Russian website that contain huge collection of books in its database. It contains almost 1.5 million non-fiction and same number of fictional books as well. All these books are free to download.

This website contains amazing search engine having search fields The column set default, series, publisher, author, year, ISBN, language, MD5, tags, extension. It also contains some search options like view result, download type, result per page, search in field, search with word.

It provides free access to fiction, comics, magazines, scientific articles and standards.

It is popular among its users. This is because if it gets blocked by government with one domain it will switch to other domain providing the same design and complete access to its users. This thing makes this website preferable as compare to others.

The last seen domain of the library genesis is

Note: this domain can also get changed after few days.

Text Book Nova

Textbook Nova is another famous alternative of bookzz. It contains a very good collection of free books which are other paid on other platforms like Google play books, amazon kindle and such other well-known platforms.

It also contains a search engine facility in which you can provide Title, author, ISBN, keyword.

Open Library

Open library is a free, editable library catalogue regarding a webpage for every book published. This is a best alternative of the bookzz. It contains separate categories of all books with defined non-fiction, fiction and magazines. Users can also contribute and make corrections in the catalogue. If you have any interest in big data or library, then you can visit Open library API.

You can easily borrow any book, or you can download the book from this platform.

You can also register yourself to this platform. It contains 29,719 new members, 4,791,095 unique visitors, 581 lists created, 64,353 catalogue edits and 107,494 eBooks borrowed.

Free E-Books

Free E-books is another famous alternative of the bookzz. You can get non-fictional audio books, fictional audio books, children audio books from this wonderful platform. You can easily download books of these categories. Anonymous users do not have full access to the books.

In order to get a full access to book you will have to get yourself registered on this website.


At this platform, you can get 50,000,000 plus scientific articles for free.

Almost 52,429,917 articles, 2,784,195 books for free at this platform since 2009.

Attractive search options are available that enable users to get and access their books easily.

Free book spot
At this platform you will get title, ISBN codes and author search engine options.

It also provides options for the latest books available and the compact view of web.


This is another best alternative of the Bookzz. It contains categories like Art books, Biographies, Architecture, Encyclopaedia, Gambling, Graphic designing, languages and culture, programming, sociology, mobile eBooks reader and such others.

It also highlights some famous eBooks in the middle of its website.

It is a best option if you are looking for some free magazines.

Internet Archive

This website is considered as one of the most well-known in the field of eBooks. It contains almost 230 billion web pages searches on the internet.

This platform contains almost 50 million books from different categories. It also contains 12 million of text files. All these things make this website a very strong competitor.


This platform provides almost 56,000 free eBooks. You can find the older books here but with copyright expired.

In order to get full access to books you will not have to register or sign up. You can just visit this website and then get your book. It also supports Net neutrality.

This website contains a user friendly interface where users can easily provide feedback about bugs and errors. Most of the boos at this platform are copyright expired.


At this website, you can download the book with various language options like English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech.

It also contains a Facebook page where you can get notifications about new eBooks.

It provides 30 days free trial and costs almost $3.99 per month with some filtering options like marketing, management, editor picks, most read, most popular. We think it is a best deal if you are going to pay for a book.

It has almost +800 eBooks and new books added every week.

Sites like

Let’s have a look at all these alternatives of the bookzz

  • Library genesis
  • Text book nova
  • Open library
  • Free E- books
  • Booksc
  • Free book spot
  • Ebook3000
  • Internet archive
  • Gutunberg
  • Bookboon

All these platforms provide copyrighted and copyrighted free books. However, it is illegal to download the books without the permission of the author. So, most of these websites provide the copyright expires or copyright free books.

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