Top 5 Best PlayStation Games To Play in 2020


Best PlayStation Games – The gaming world is advancing day by day with new technologies being added to the gaming world and an experience of the virtual reality, there is nothing that one can’t experience in the gaming world now. Apart from the PC games that we used to play, we were little, the gaming consoles have opened up a whole new world for us.

Best PlayStation Games

The Best Gaming Consoles

There are different gaming consoles available in the market at the time and the PlayStation is one of the best. We can say this by experience that the features that PlayStation offers to the gamers are simply amazing. You can do so much more than playing games on this amazing device.

But today we are going to look at the amazing games that PlayStation offers to you with its virtual reality kit. There are a number of great games available for the PSVR in the market and we must say that almost all of them are worth playing. They all have different things to offer to the players but if you are looking for the best games available then we have compiled a list of the best games. So let us go ahead and look at some of the best games that according to us are the most versatile and simply amazing.

1. Astro Bot Rescue

Astro Bot Rescue is the best VR games on PlayStation according to our personal experience. Not only us but the world also declared it as the best game on the year as it won the Best Game Award in 2018. The game is filled with numerous adventures. You will be playing the role of the robot called Astro in the game who is on the verge of securing his team members.

The graphics of the games are super realistic which makes it quite fun. With different environments in different stages, you get to experience around 26 different virtual worlds where each jump has something new waiting for you to explore. So get your VR kit on and start recusing your team members in the amazing game.

2. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an amazing PlayStation VR game that has unique gameplay to offer to the players. Since it is a physical game thus it can be substituted for a workout as well. There is also a musical touch in the game that means it much more exciting.

The players have to use the two PlayStation controllers, one in each hand, which are like the Saber on the screen to beat down the beats which are flashing towards the players. Every time you hit the disc and take them down you will be awarded points.

Remember that the motion of the beats that come towards you depends on the rhythm of the music so it will be continuously changing. You will also have to face certain obstacles in the game but we are going to let them be a surprise for you so that you can have a bit of sudden rush when you see them for the first time.


Imagine playing an action-adventure puzzle game on VR, wouldn’t that be simply amazing? Well, Moss is a great action-adventure puzzle game that will leave you addicted once you start playing the game. The game is set in a beautiful fantasy world that is waiting for you to explore it.

The game is in the form of a great story where individuals get to communicate with one and other in a world filled with magical and mythical creatures. You as the player will be set on to the journey of rescuing quill’s uncle from a phantom.

No one said that was going to be easy, but you have to do it with the help of your friend Quill who will be with you throughout the journey. At first, the game looks simple because the gameplay is designed by the developers to be simple but once you start playing it you will begin to enjoy the adventurous world with your friend which can take unexpected turns.

4. Tetris Effect

Tetris’ effect is another puzzle game based on matching titles. The game also has a touch of special effects and music in the background the games it fun and creative. The gameplay of the game is simple but you have to work on your speed and focus if you want to score more.

There will be fast-moving tiles and you will have to clear them as fast as possible. You need to be careful of the fact that these titles dance, explode and also go in the pulse mode according to the music playing in the background so you have to keep up the rhythm as well.

5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

The name of the game makes it clear to the players that it has something to do with space. Well if you thought about space crafts and wonders of space when you read the name then you are on the right track. This multiplayer action-adventure game is all about exploring a new homeland.

You as the player will be controlling a starship along with your crew. If you are playing it as a single-player then you will be in charge of everything from moving the ship to making decisions. Your ultimate goal is to look for a new homeland in space.

You will face certain hardships because you are not alone. There are others as well so that is when the weapons come to use. Make sure that you make rational judgments and decisions so that you can complete as many missions as possible.


There are numerous games for PSVR that you can enjoy. According to our research and experience, these are the best ones that we could find but since everyone has a different taste thus you might find some other great games as well that suit your personality way better. If you have your own list then make sure to mention it in the comments so we can add those games to our list as well. I hope you have a blast playing PSVR games with your friends.

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