The Best N64 Emulators For PC in 2020

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Best N64 Emulators – Well, we all know how much we all love the Nintendo console and of course the games as well or especially the games. But the thing about N64is that not everyone can afford it since it is quite expensive. In order to assist all games, the gaming geeks have come up with a solution to the problem by developing an N64 Emulator for PC. This amazing software allows you to play your N64 games on your PC without actually needing the N64. Isn’t it cool?

Best N64 Emulators

Most of the N64 games are exclusive to the console which is why one can’t play it elsewhere but not anymore because the amazing N64 Emulators for PC allows you to play all your N64 games on your PC for totally free. Although there are a number of great PC games in the market N64 games have their own perks, which is why almost all gamers want to try them out and experience their full version which isn’t available on PC.

In this article, we will discuss what an emulator is for our newbie gamers and how it works along with the details of the best N64 Emulators for PC. So let us go ahead and look at all the details.

What is an Emulator OR an N64 Emulator for PC?

Before you go ahead and download an emulator you need to know what it actually is first. It would be stupid to download something that you have no idea about. To learn what an emulator is and how you can use it to play games.

An emulator is a hardware or software that allows one computer system to act like another computer system. For example, an N64 Emulator for PC will allow your Windows operating system to act like an N64 operating system so that you can perform most to all of the N64 functions of your Windows operating system.

This means that if you want to enjoy N64 games then you won’t need a gaming console to do so. You can simply get an N64 Emulator for PC and enjoy all the N64 features on your PC because the emulator will allow your PC to run like a Nintendo console.

The best thing about an emulator is that it is quite easy to set up. It will only take you a few minutes to install and setup if you are getting a trusted emulator that actually works. You can easily play N64 exclusive games on your PC.

Another great thing about an emulator is that you don’t have to download any of the games to play it. All you have to do is burn a Windows file to a virtual disk and that is it. No other requirements needs. Each emulator comes with certain device requirements that need to be fulfilled if you want to enjoy a smooth gaming experience using an emulator.

Best N64 Emulators for PC

An N64 Emulator for PC always comes in handy to gamers because they can easily enjoy Nintendo games on their PC without the actual device. But there are so many N64 Emulators so it can get hard to choose the right ones if you are new. So we have gathered up a list of the Best N64 Emulators for PC.

Project 64

If you are looking for the best N64 emulator for PC then there is no better choice than the Project 64 emulator. It is easy to install an open-source emulator that is based on plug-ins so you will have to cover that part on your own. Even though the advanced version integrates devices even without the plugin but you still need to have them if you want high-quality results.

The only problem with the emulator is the sound and we know that it is very important for gamers so there is a solution to the problem as well. You will have to install an audio plugin that will solve all your problems and your sound will be just as good as the real thing.


This is also an open-source but plugin-based emulator that supports multiple platforms. Just like most f the emulators it is written in C programming and operates in that as well. A number of N64 games can be played on the PC using the emulator but you will have to compromise on the GUI because it isn’t the best whereas sound, on the other hand, works great. Unlike Project 64, additional plugins don’t work with it because it is only compatible with its own plugins.


1964 is also one of the best N64 emulators for PC that is written in C and C++ language and works wonders on the PC. It is also open-source software so you can easily get it as well. Even though the features of the emulators are a bit outdated as compared to the newer emulators but the best thing about the emulator is that it can support multiple devices. You can use Xbox controllers as well to play the N64 games on your PC using this emulator.


MAME or in full form known as the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator is also one of the best multi-system emulators for your PC. Since it is written in C++ language thus it is quite easy to work with. It is an old emulator but it has the ability to support seven thousand games and different hardware and so much more. So even if outdated, it is the best when it comes to diversity.


Sixtyforce is a great shareware emulator that works wonders for Mac users. The best thing is that it is available in both paid and free version but we all know that the free version has fewer features to offer. The emulator doesn’t support many games but it does provide game support with the help of plugins.


Getting an N64 Emulator for your PC is a quick and cheap solution to your problem. A high tech emulator means that you can almost enjoy all the Nintendo games on your PC which means that you won’t have to invest a lot of money to buy a Nintendo console. So choose the emulator that you think will work for you and get it to enjoy Nintendo games on your PC.

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