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Are you here for N64 Emulator for PC? You will get it here.

They are enhanced, they have got much fame and popularity, astonishing language of their own, but they have become so important that it is impossible to live without them. Video games are our main focal point. They are part of our lives since 1980’s.

What is Nintendo 64, or N64?

Do you know about Nintendo 64? Well, N64 is a 5th generation and Nintendo’s third home console. Home console is used by players to play games at home. As its name suggest, they are created to use at home. They are also non-portable.

What is an N64 Emulator?

Emulator is basically a software program that is used to copy or emulate the environment according to requirements of the specific console at the PC completely. N64 emulator enables PC to allow N64. It basically allows gamers to play games of N64 on PC. These games are only designed for N64 but with the help of emulator you can enjoy them on your OC as well.

So, without wasting time any further. Let’s talk about N64 emulator available in the market.

Project 64

Project 64 is plug-in based N64 emulator. Its base is C language programming. Its new versions are also released that allow to connect with outer devices without plug-ins. It is easy to use emulator, easy set=-up and assists multiplayer.

Project 64 contains save and load features. It also enables graphics settings so that user can get a best picture at their devices. You can also add few high-res textures in your game. However, you will need a plug-in for it. Isn’t it sounds perfect?

The main disadvantage of the Project 64 is that it has some audio issues. Sometimes, it causes crackling sound. The solution of this problem is to install the audio plug-in. so, if you need a emulator that requires to play large N64 games then this is a good option.


Mupen64Plus is a multi-platform, open source, plugin-based emulator. It is developed using C and C++ language. It easily plays multiple games. The advantage of this emulator over Project64 is that it provides better sound quality.

However, it contains some drawbacks. It is not user friendly as it does not contain GUI. It contains its own specific plug-in so it will not work with any Mupen64Plus.

Multiple N64 games can be played at this platform. So, if you are facing difficulty while playing any game on Project64 then you should try using Mupen64Plus.


1964 is open source software available for MS windows and written in C and C++. It was released in 1999. It is considered as the oldest N64 emulator.

It is outdated as compare to other emulator however it still contains popularity and it is reliable. Many N64 games can be played on it. It enables multiple inputs like Xbox and 360 controllers. It loads high-res textures because of video plug-ins.


MAME or Multiple arcade machine emulator is open source emulator available for various platform. Its base language is C++. The main intention behind this emulator is to allow the arcade game on PCs and other such platforms. So, that these games continue to live in the world.

It was released in 1997. It now supports almost seven thousand distinct games as it support various hardware, screen resolutions, updated rates and configurations.


Sixtyforce emulator is available for MacOS. You can get both paid and free version of this emulator. This emulator does not support many N64 games like Mupen64Plus. However, if you use various plugins you can play multiple games. The free version of this emulator lacks few features of loading and saving states.

Some other N64 emulators are also available. We said about them because they will change the rules of game completely. They are in progress.

We thought we should talk inform about them to users in advance. For instance, CEN64 is one of these emulators. It will be a cycle-accurate open sources N64 emulator for multiple platforms.

We believe after successful creation of CEN64, it will take emulation to a complete new level. Another such emulator is Ryu6. It is still under development and its base language is C#. Its features are still unknown.

Up to You

We must tell you there is no perfect N64 emulator. So, it is better to keep various N64 emulators in your PC to play Nintendo 64 games at your PC easily.

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