Top Mental Health App in 2020

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Taking care of your mental health is very important but it’s not that you are comfortable with. A lot of people have difficulty to open up to their therapists easily. So, now there are apps that provide various mental health solutions to people.


Contemplation can be a way to have a healthier life. This app allows you to release stress, taking care of the relationships and calming you down to have mindfulness.


Today’s most considerable thing is to prevent suicide. It detects your own strategies and signs of stress that can be shared with your trustworthy people in order to get help from them in your rough times.

best mental health apps

PTSD Coach

PTSD is a growing issue for a lot of people these days. This app helps people to evaluate their symptoms as early as possible and keep them coped. Local courses can be considered for more help.


To tackle the anxiety problems these days, this app sets a toolkit that considers your needs in 25 different options to be able to cope up with anxiety. Even you can communicate anonymously your problems in order to get more help.

What’s Up

Problems like stress, depression and many more can be tackled as it tracks your positive and negative habits and thinking patterns. Acceptance commitment therapy and cognitive behavior therapy can be a way to have a happier life.


To distract you from your own negative thoughts, a great app to take notes from what is happening in your mind to deal with it positively, to get you to avoid all the pitfalls you’ll about fall into.

Bipolar Disorder Connect

This completely free app helps you to be able to communicate with others to deal with the isolation problems and track down your symptoms.


It allows you to assess your emotions and feelings by asking you questions to create progress which later can be checked by professionals.

Mind Shift

This app allows youngsters to deal with their situations and cope up with them instead of avoiding them. Because depression should not be ignored rather cured.


When you don’t want to pay the money to a therapist, this allows you to assess all the services for free whenever you have a rough time. Just subscribe and get yourself a listener.


It allows us to fight back against OCD by concentrating on Exposure Response Prevention Treatment. This app tracks your weekly results to help you better.

CBT Thought Record Diary:

Mental disorders can be treated by reevaluating your experiences and approach your situations differently creating mental growth.

Recovery Record

For a healthier body, eating disorders can be tackled by this app which assesses your problems through questionnaires.


This app records your feelings and thoughts in order to reflect upon later to be happier than ever.


It creates a community to deal with depression and anxiety by handling unpleasing feelings through mindfulness.

Quit That!

This helps you get motivated to quit your addictions and track your habits to be avoided to help you be healthier.

Worry Watch

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can be treated by this app that keeps a track of your anxiety triggers and emotions.


To avoid negative thoughts like suicide, this app has videos that motivate you to do better and lifts your mood.


Writing down your feelings is a great way to get every negative thing out of your system.


To stabilize your mood, breathing is a technique to calm yourself down. It is a form of therapy which allows you to handle anxiety.


Physical health can be a way to treat mental health so this app assists both and have a wide range of options like exercise or drinking water to be healthier.

UCSF Prime:

To have a support system of community to deal with the isolation of schizophrenia, this app allows to connect with others and fight against this.


To have an optimistic mind, this app helps to build skills and good habits to improve your thought process.

7 Cups:

To get comfort anonymously from professionals, this platform provides more personal space to introvert people effectively.


This helps with general mental health and treats sadness and negative thoughts through mindfulness.


This app is affordable and gives personal care to people in need.

Rise Up and Recover:

Eating disorders can be tracked through this app in order to make you healthier.

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