10 Best Horror Games On Steam To Play Right Now

Best Horror Games on Steam

Best Horror Games on Steam – The gaming world is advancing as we speak. There are new games that are being launched every day and they are mostly better than the previous one. In the past years, the gaming industry was only classified as an entertainment industry but now with the recent advancements in technology and the open doors to virtual reality, the gaming world has advanced quite a lot and there is no way one does have access to free games.

There are different gaming websites and different gaming gear that you can use to play different games. Apart from the gaming consoles, there are organizations that dedicate their time and energy to making your gaming world vast, versatile and simple fascination. Steam is one of the best-known gaming organizations that have so much to offer to the gamers.

What is Steam?

Steam is a gift from Value Corporation to all those gamers out there. Most people play games but they don’t know about the organizations or the developers behind the game. Steam is an application launched by the Value Corporation which acts as a gift for all the gamers out there. The application allows you to download a number of Valve Corporation games to your PC or laptop.

There are a number of games launched on Steam that a gamer can get access to. Most of them are free but there are paid versions of the game as well that you can get for a certain price. You can find games with different genres and playing styles but the one that people enjoy the most are the games that are just filled with so much adrenaline rush.

Best Horror Games to Play on Steam

Steam has a number of different games to offer to gamers. You can access various genres and play the games that suit your style. We have noticed that most people ask for the best horror games that they can play on Steam because they just want to experience games that are simply amazing and enthralling. We must admit that we ourselves are a huge fan of the Steam games and often spend our evening playing them.

So according to our research and personal experience, we have made a list of the best horror games that you can get access to play with your friends. They are also paid and free so you can choose the ones that suit your needs the most.


Imagine spending your days and nights in a horrifying asylum that has a number of creatures hidden at various locations. Outlast is the scariest game on Steam that you can find. With a number of different creepy and horror locations in the game along with the surrounding environment, the games get you hooked within minutes. Plus the lore of the game is quite mysterious which makes it impossible for the player to guess what is coming ahead and that is the fun that we love to enjoy.

Outlast 2

Since the success of the Outlast, Red Barrel Games launched another version of the game called Outlast 2. Just like its predecessor we expected great things from this game. The locations are the game is much darker and scarier than before the people that keep following you are creepier as well. Keep a lookout for a woman who will literally obliterate your genital area. Disgusting right? But that is what makes it great.

Dead Space

Horrifying things happening in Space, well that is exactly what this game is about. You will be playing the role of an engineer in the game who is sent to the USG Ishimura with his crew to investigate the unusual happenings that are taking place.

On your way, your spaceship will get lost and you will be cut off from your team. With no modes of communication and the presence of the vicious monster and creatures waiting to attack, you will have to face the horrors on your own.

The story of the game is quite twisted and you won’t be able to understand it that easily but that is what makes is mysterious and much more fun. So make sure to be hydrated because you are going to face some of the most merciless creatures in the world.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is a great game and is developed for almost all the gaming platforms, which makes it quite versatile. The atmosphere of the game is strong and quite demanding. With the creepy setting and the mysterious story, the game is one of the best horror games on Steam.

Unlike the action games, you will be surviving for adventure and not action. You will little ammunition and resources so you will have to use them carefully so that you don’t end up using them all. Begin your scavenger hunt with Resident Evil 7 and enjoy a great horror setting.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Have you ever felt that feeling of restlessness at night? If no then you definitely will after playing amnesia. The game targets your fears and uses them to provide you with a creepy atmosphere, restless setting and an amazing trip into the horror story world.

Final Words

A great PC setup at your place can get you some great Steam gaming experiences. Over the year we have seen Steam games evolve and we must say that they are advancing and providing more than just fun to the gamers. They have become a way of bonding between friends and also a way to get hands-on new technology and access them.

The gaming world has increased the popularity of virtual reality. So what better way is there to spend an evening with your friends than killing monsters, fighting crimes in a virtually real world in your home? Experience unbelievable environments, relive through your worst nightmares and enjoy what the Steam world has to offer to you as a gamer. We hope that you enjoy all these games and have some memorable times with your friends while playing them.

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