Free Minecraft Server Hosting Sites

Top 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Sites in 2020

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Free Minecraft Server Hosting Sites

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Minecraft is becoming more popular day by day. Player is free to choose the development of their own game. Player can choose any mode such as adventure or survival mode. This game don’t let their players to bore because of its achievement mechanism. You can also use multiplayer mode.

Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting 2020

This game boasts the experience of gaming. You will learn about free Minecraft server hosting sites with various features. This game has a lot of servers to choose from. Servers can be hosted for game enjoyment or business purpose. When game player joining a server, he will find a sense of community. Some of the servers are free of cost and some of them need fee. Some players have to pay a fee in order to enjoy the premium features. Because free servers cannot give you full gaming features.

Top Free Minecraft Server Hosting Options for Game Players

Some of the players cannot afford to pay for the premium features. Some of the players create their own servers and gives free access to the fellow gamer. There are multiple servers which gives access to the players who cannot afford it.


This is the most popular server which provides free access to the premium features. Eight to twelve players can be hosted by this server at a time. 2 GB RAM is given by every player which is enough for playing. The memory is in SSD format and it is 5 GB. One 2- core processor is used by this server. The player can use account instantly once they create the account. This server works perfectly while game playing.

The gaming experience is amusing due to minimal glitch. You have to wait to get this server because there are many people who are ready to use this server.


Minehut is the most popular server to get an unlimited server for free. All players shared 896 GB RAM, all players utilize this server. You can control this server by the dashboard. You can assess this server by mobile phone as well. There are many plugins which can be used to design their own server. It performs well when the player is not big. You can still use the free plugins to customize your own even if some of the plugins will be sealed.

The only disadvantage is that players do not use their specific IP address to connect with the server. By clicking on my hut’s list you can access the server.


This is also a well- known server hosting for Minecraft game players. This server used a 2-core processor. This server provides many features. This server can host more than 20 players. You can use plugins to customize the server. The server can be used for a long time because of DDoS protection. Another feature is also provided by this server which is called automatic backup. It is able to perform well even in long game playing.

This server has 24-hour customer service which provides customer report within 1 day. It takes some time to start the server. But if you wish to use free server then this is definitely the best option.

Minecraft Hosting Pro

This is also the most common server for hosting Minecraft game players. It provides a dashboard to design server for players ease. This server is also protected by DDoS. It has many features, for instance, the file manager used to manage gaming files another one is unlimited access for gaming files. These features make the server more reliable. This server will not be available to you at peak hours.

It also has a feature named as player donations which are not for free server users. When too many players play this game, it will start lagging. And it fails to give responsive customer service.

Server Pro

This server is the most famous server for hosting. It is more fun exploring because of its shots and videos of game playing feature. Each player gets 512 MB of free RAM. 5 GB space is also given to players. It used 2-core processors. This can also host 12 players. Any player can play 2 to 4 matches easily. This is suggested for newbies because it is easy to manage.

The disadvantage of this server, that it will slow when the game is joining by more players. This happened because of its limited RAM. This server will automatically shut down if the server is not used for a long time.

Scala Cube

This is another server for free hosting. It is used for a free trial that can be prolonged to the paid version. It is affordable even if the user wants to use the paid version. The features of both versions are quite similar due to the optimum experience of game playing. This server is also protected by DDoS protection. And this server can work for many days and nights.

You can access any server by using a specific domain. SSH, FTP, and MySQL can be used to access all gaming files. It is working worldwide.

Free MC Server

It is the most favorite Minecraft server hosting among people due to his amazing free features. These features are useful for playing games. FTP helps players to get access to their own gaming files. This server has a control panel as well, used to control the server better. The player keeps logged in to their account as long as they want and player renews it every day. This is why it is known as the best Minecraft server hosting. It may be lag due to too many players in the game; however, it’s ordinary. 2 GB RAM is given by each server. Its customer service is responsive even for free users as well.

If any slight issue occurs, it can resolve easily. Player design server according to their desires and preferences.

Other Free Minecraft Server Hosting Sites 2020

There are many more websites which you can use for Minecraft hosting. For instance, instant MC, Minecraft world server hosting and OMGSERV e.t.c. Server creations allow you to create your own community. You can also play multiplayer games to enjoy more. You should be aware of some certain things if you wish to establish a server. Players must be aware of the requirements of the Minecraft system. If game requirements will not be fulfilled then the player could not be able to get full advantage of the game. You can also Get Roblox Password Guessing in 2020 – Top 1000 Passwords.

So, it is really necessary to fulfill the requirements of the player’s and server’s system. If the player fails to match the server requirement then the player will not be able to take the optimum experience of the game. The player cannot access the server by their device as well. Other important things which should keep in your mind are plugins and Mods. It used to boost the gaming experience.

If customers are free to customize their servers then they will be able to get the prime experience of game.This is really great to use free Minecraft server hosting instead of paid one. There are also many other options to get host. And each of them has their own pros and cons. Always choose server with good services.

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