Best CSGO Betting / Gambling Sites 2019-20 – Most Trusted Sites + Bonuses

Best CSGO Gambling Sites – If we talk about CSGO match gambling and betting, then different options are available on the internet. However, we know that you want the best one when you are using real money. We have some personal experience of betting on CSGO with real money that we are sharing here.

CSGO betting also known as gambling has become much popular in recent years. Multiple CSGO websites are available given below are a few of them. let’s have a look at them

Here, we have shared the list of best gambling and betting websites of 2019.


The Best Betting Sites for CSGO in 2019-20 are:


In our experience GG.BET is the best website. We have not experienced any other platform like this.

If you are an e-sport and CSGO lover, then this website is the best option for you. This is because of they payout 1% of the total amount that you win to the winning team. It means you are ultimately supporting the team by betting.

If you visit the GG.BET website, then you will find out its interface is simple and easy. This platform is sponsored by some famous e-sports. We know that users always want a simple website. You can easily watch the games on this website.

If you want more detailed information about the GG.BET then you can visit our review about this website.

Upsides of GG.BET + PROMO CODE

  • Ultimately supporting the team on which you are betting by paying some percentage of your winnings.
  • Easy and simple website design.
  • Developed by previous best players.
  • Amazing weekly bonuses and you can also get skins etc.
  • Complete 24/7 customer support.
  • Cryptocurrency is acceptable.

2. ArcaneBet

The great thing about ArcaneBet is they will provide you any match you want to bet on. However, the match must be decent-sized at least. They also provide different ways to bet on such as map winner, match-winner, teams to win a specific round, correct score and such other. Their main focus is e-sports that make them popular in the industry. This platform is considered to have the largest number of games on which you can bet.

Why you should choose ArcaneBet??

  • Amazing offers for you like a 100% bonus. You can also get 100£ (code required). No need to worry we have code for you as well. You can try : TGG
  • Deposit is possible through skrill, skins, visas, bitcoin, and others.
  • A large number of games available to bet on.
  • The website is simple.

3. is present in Cyprus and it is designed in such a way to fulfill the needs of the e-sports community. They are considered as one of the most famous e-sport bookmakers. It provides different e-sports tournaments around the globe. They are also famous for providing their own personal matches of different games.

Given below are some reasons that why should you should

  • You will find live betting along with live streaming on this platform.
  • Opportunity to win the best bonus like 100£.
  • You can withdraw or deposit through bitcoin (most famous cryptocurrency).

4.BetwayE-sportBetway E-sports Betway E-sportsBetway E-sportsBetway E-sports

Betway is with us since 2006. They recently started providing betting for e-sports and contains the biggest games like Hearthstone, CDGO, Overwatch, Starcraft, etc.

The main advantage of this platform over others is that it provides live streaming. In other words, you can do bet on multiple scenarios happening in the match. This thing engages more users towards it. This is the reason why the beltway. E-sports is considered as one of the best betting websites.

5. Unibet

Most of the users already know about this betting website. It is best available on the internet for sports. They have e-sports although they are hidden. We must tell you that it is a reliable platform. However, the only flaw is that it does not contain a huge market for e-sports. The good thing is it is a very simple app while other websites are not.

Why you should prefer Unibet

  • Amazing welcome offer (you will get a 100% bonus on your first deposit of at least 50£).
  • Simple and easy to use app available
  • Complete customer support
  • Easy website

6. EGB

EGB deserves to be called as best gambling website of 2019. This platform is easy, simple and understandable. We must say it is a betting website for everyone. They provide live betting that is increasing day by day. This website is authentic and managed by the Jurisdiction of Curacao.

Why you should prefer EGB??

  • On your first deposit, you will get a 100% bonus that is almost 600£.
  • Complete customer support including phone, email, live chat, etc.
  • You can withdraw with 1-7 days.
  • You can do live betting on ongoing matches
  • Variety of games available.
  • Easy and understandable interface
  • You can deposit through Paysafe, Mastercard, Neteller, Visa, etc.

7. CSGO Betting Sites –

Many other gambling sites are available but we choose to go with This platform mainly focusses on CSGO matches and other e-sports. also provides necessary information about the matches and teams so you can decide which team you can bet on.

The great thing about is Thunderdome. In this, you can select the 10 games on which you can bet for free. The winner will be rewarded.

You should choose because

  • It provides 1.50$ without any deposit. It means there is no need to spend money.
  • Simple interface
  • 24/7 customer support
  • You should not worry about the risk of betting. This is because the least wager is $0.5.
  • You can get almost $350 as a bonus through their VIP club.
  • Different matches were available on this platform.
  • Through Thunderdome, you can bet for free and get rewards.


This website was created in 2016 and located in London. It is one of the betting websites that accept the cryptocurrency.


  • Different payment method options are available. Customers can choose one.
  • Provide different bonuses to engage the customers.

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