18 Best Adblocker for Android 2020

18 Best Adblocker for Android – Android Adblocker Apps

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18 Best Adblocker for Android 2020

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Ad blocker is the thing that helps people to do work without any disturbance of ad. People use ad blocker to prevent their PCs from ads. You might experience marketing videos and pop-up ads that always disturb users while working. This problem is also happening with Android phones. If you want to cope up with this situation you should use an ad blocker.


List of the Best AdBlocker for Android 2020

Adblocker prevents users from the ads. The developer of the application use ad to get revenue. If you wish to get rid of ads then you have to pay for it.

AdBlock Plus

This is a reliable app to block ads. This also works for browsers. You can use it for any game or a particular app. It also tries to show you fewer video ads. You can watch videos or play games without any ad due to this ad blocker.


This is the most popular ad blocker for Androids in 2020. You can install this ad blocker by APK mod. This adblocker can block every kind of ad.


Sometimes the device receives ads from an unknown source. Those ads may be tracking phishing, excess bandwidth, malware and loading time. You can get rid of all these ads by using this ad blocker. This app is available for all android phones. This app has free and paid versions. You can access all the features by using the paid version.


This app works similar to the previous one. This app works better in ab unRoot smartphone. You can install this app by APK mod. This is free of cost.

Block This

Sometimes ad shows on your screen due to recognizable DNS. Sometimes ads will show to your screen according to your personal history. You can block this kind of ads by using this app. This is not an app to block ads, in fact, this is VPS and DNS service. This app can cover your history.


This app will prevent you from ads by direct ads into different traffic. In this app, you just have to direct annoying ads to different directions. DNS has the ability to maintain traffic properly.

Cygery Adskip for YouTube

Some adblockers are specially designed to block ads from a specific app. This app is designed to block ads on YouTube. This app will prevent YouTube from any kind of ad. Some ads on YouTube appear without a skip adoption. This app will remove this type of ads as well.


It works differently from other apps. It blocks the app that shows ads in excessive amounts. This method will save bandwidth. Its installation is easy and safe because it does not need a rooting process.

Adbrain ad detector

This is the next app used to block ads. This app has the ability to detect span and threats. It separates spam from its source, just to show you what the app developer used to develop the app. This app also provides you with privacy and security.


This app is also ad blocker with an additional feature of identity protection. Sometimes ads based on the history of a user which is annoying for a user who values privacy. This is the app that will save your data.


This works similar to the firewall on your computer. Firewall always protects your system from malware. Similarly, Droidwall will stop showing you ads from apps that are running in the background.

Opera mini

Opera mini is the most popular browser for smartphones. The new version of opera mini has the ability to block the ads directly on its source. Ads are appearing in the notification bar that can be deleted by opera mini. It provides another feature to browse using VPN. You also can get Credit Card Numbers with Security Code.


It is another app for blocking ads. It prevents you from ads with the interface and features similar to chrome. Chrome API uses by this app.

Brave Browser

By using this app, you can protect your smartphone from tracking and spam. The browser saves cache into the user’s memory. It has advantages and disadvantages. Cache shortens the request because it helps to load faster. on the other hand, others can collect your personal information and history for advertising. To overcome all these things, you should use this app.


This app will prevent you from ads by not showing your ads directly. It also uses to reduce less battery and less bandwidth. You can browse faster by using this app.

Check 15 Best Android ad blocker For You To Try Now

Sometimes when you are watching videos or working on your mobile, ads try to disturb you. If you want to get rid of them you can use adblocker. There are multiple ad blockers mentioned above with different methods to use. And each ad blocker provides different features.

The most used ad blocker directing ads into different traffic. You can block ads directly by using different methods. There are several ad blockers mentioned above. You can choose according to your needs.

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