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Summary of The Battle Cats

If you are a cat lover then you must most definitely try this game. Battle Cats is an amazing and interesting game in which you role play as cute cats and fight against the evil force to protect the world from any harm.

Story Line

The storyline of the game is quite interesting and unique. It is all about how the cute and lovely creatures, the cats, took over the entire world and control the nuclear power plants which they use to transfer the energy to the time machines that they have occupied. While the cats are busy in their mission to save the world, they are attacked by other animals.


The gameplay of the Battle Cats is quite easy to understand as there is nothing technical about it. Unlike the other strategic games in which the players are required to come up with well-developed strategies to fight, this game requires no such thing.

Your task is to build up a strong base and protect your base with your cat armies. Each cat has its own power so every time you see an enemy approaching your base to attack you, you can calculate the power of those animals and choose the cat that will be best suited for the defense.


You can either use the money to buy new cats or you can use the special weapons to attack the approaching army of animals. You will have to collect treasures to upgrade the powers of your cat and buy strong defensive materials to protect your base.

The Battle Cats Trailer

How to Install The Battle Cats MOD APK?

  1. Download “The Battle Cats”
  2. Extract into your PC or Mobile device using File Manager.
  3. Place Data file at “/sdcard/Android/data
  4. Start Game and Enjoy.

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK on Android

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