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We all have played sims in our lives. Avakin life is based on similar concept and provides you different virtual life. You can live here according to your own choice. In this post, we will describe how to get Avakin Life hack to get free Avacoins and diamonds in this game.

Avakin Life – A Virtual World of Avatars and Chat

Avakin life is admired by many users in the gaming community. This game attracts users because of its unique and amazing features.

The main advantage of this game is that it is available for various platforms like Android, PC, Mac, iOS etc. It is considered as world’s first multi-platform virtual world game.

If you play this game for once you will love it. You will get a complete new identity as well as you can interact with other players of the world.

You can connect with other users and perform multiple operations using your character.

If you want to enjoy this game at its best then try to add all your friends in contact list.

The Genre: Virtual Reality MMO

A virtual world is an environment created by the computer to interact with the computer and others by using the virtual representation of character called as virtual avatar.

The games having such environment are called as virtual reality games.

Combination of virtual reality and massive multiplayer online game genres are MMO games. MMO games are becoming the center of attention for many players because of its amazing gaming environment and communication with other players using chat functions.

Features of Avakin Life Game

  • You will get open world environment in this game.
  • Communicate and interact with gaming community.
  • Customize your character.
  • Rate and rank the best apartments available.
  • Approach multiple accounts using single account.
  • User friendly interface.


You can get this game for free. However, there are some in-app purchases available which will improve your experience of game.

You can unlock some features, apps, clothes and others in the game using in-game currencies.


This game has received 4.3/5 rating at the Google play store and 4.6/5 at the Apple store.

Go to the Avakin Life, make your own character and get massive enjoyment in the virtual community.

How shall I start?

Before playing the game, you will have to make your character. Use your creativity and imagination to create a character of your own choice.

You can make use of various designing options present at the disposal to make your avatar looks attractive. It totally depends on you whether you want to make your avatar cool or crazy. This game is a best in creating avatar.

You can personalize the game according to your own interests. This avatar is visible to all other players of the community. In other words, this character will represent you. So, create something that seems attractive to others.

10 Proven Avakin Life Hack, Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Gems or Diamonds

Gems are the secondary currency available in the game for the benefit of user. You can buy artifacts using the gems. It is not easy to obtain gems like coins. You can get gems when you complete a level or accomplish some task. If you read this article thoroughly we are sure you will get Avakin life hack tricks to get almost 100 gems.

Next we are going to discuss about the tricks and hacks to get easy game play. This game is entertaining but it is hard as well. When you become at the high level it will become difficult to play the game.

The player cannot reach the top level without points. However, if you read this article we are sure you will get amazing Avakins life tips and hacks. These tips and hacks will save much of your time.

We guarantee that these methods will work for you at all possible devices and platforms.

Tasks and Milestones

When you are playing the game you must also keep your eye at the progression window that shows daily tasks. When you complete these tasks you will get rewards.

When you complete a specific task then you will move forward to the next milestone.

Check For Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are an easy way to get cash and gems. After getting mystery box make sure you open it. You can either buy these boxes or you can also get these for free by accomplishing a video.

Avacoins, diamonds and other such rewards are available in the mystery box. If you want some additional cash then must watch some videos.


Avacoins are same as the currency used in the real world. It is the primary currency of the game. You will need this currency for almost everything in the game.

It is easy to get avacoins. After getting coins it is easy to play the game. You can get these coins by completing a level or video.

Everyone must try to get a huge amount of avacoins. Avakin tricks and hacks will help you in getting Avacoins without any problem.

Collect Daily Rewards

We know that it is not possible for everyone to spare some time for game daily. However, if you manage to do so then you will get some rewards just by logging in to your account. This is close to Avakin life tricks and hacks.

You will get rewards in the form of coin for every login. So, it is easiest way to get coins.

Make Friends

When you are playing the game with your friends then there is no limit of fun. This game provides new opportunities with every friend you add.

If you have more friends, you will have a good social life. In order to make more friends visit different places like plaza, Liberty, club etc. Your friends will improve your game play.

Monitor Playtime

We have already mentioned that you should play games smartly. You should spend some good time with your existing friends rather than making new friends all the time.

This Avakin life hack suggests improving the social life but you should focus at the playtime. It is much better to spend quality time with your friends.

Wait For Offers

Avakin life provides an offer that easily doubles the number of avacoins. So, if you want to buy something that is expensive then wait for this offer and get your favorite stuff. This is a very useful offer.

Keep your eyes on the current offers and use them smartly.

Buy Sell Items

After successfully getting the 2x offer it is time to get some items. Avakins life provide sale at the specific items.

It is a great opportunity for you to buy the things that you can’t. The discount rates are amazing and you can get almost 70% off.

There is a win-win situation here. You are saving some coins and at the same time you are getting your favorite items.

Use Build Machines

Build machines is the amazing feature present in the game. It enables users to get create items and unlockables available in the game. However, it is a time taking task.

Well, we thing it is totally ok to get free items dimply by waiting. If you have some coins then make use of resources rather than time.

Visit Your Apartment Daily

Visiting your apartment daily will also get you rewards. You just need to visit the apartment and gather all the rewards. This is a very simple and easy Avakin life hack. You can get almost 10 diamonds daily with this offer.

Just by logging in and going to apartment you are getting free diamonds. We highly suggest you to use this hack.

Speed Up Your Avakin Life

If you are having the laggy game play then you must turn off the features that are on. Simply, go to the settings and tap on turn off. These features include In-App purchases, News Feed, Show seeing mode etc.

By doing so, you can enjoy fast and reliable game play. If you want to keep some valuable data then visit settings.

Turn off the audio and notification buttons. It will make your game faster and also saves your internet data.

Pet an Animal

How amazing it would be to see a virtual animal growing with time? You just need to feed and pet your animal to get 50 points.

Experience points are ultimately leveling up. So, use this hack to level up your profile.

Take a Picture Once in a While

Have you ever take advantage of the camera button located at the bottom of your device’s screen. If you have used it already then you must know its use.

Click your picture either share it with your friends or keep it save. By doing so, you will get 15 experience points. As we have mentioned experience points will level up your account.

So, you are getting a good picture of your character as well as experience points.

Swim to Level up faster

Many users already know this trick. If you find a swimming pool must dive in it. By doing so, you can get 15 experience points. It means by taking 10 dives you will get 150 points and 100 dives will provide you 1500 points. It is possible to reach at the level 15.

Chat To Earn Experience Points

Have you communicate with anyone through Avakin life? You can take advantage of it. If you are a beginner we must tell you that it is possible to get points by chatting with others.

It is considered as the easiest way of getting the points. You are not only getting the points but also enhancing your social life. After getting sufficient amount of points you can level up your account.

Avakin Life Chat

After your level is increased you will get 150 to 1000 avacoins. It depends on your current level that how much points you will get.

You can play Avakin life at your PC more easily as it will provide better view.

You will need to install Nox App player, Wit and such others to play the game on PC. You can also play various other games after installation.

Millions of methods are available to get diamonds and avacoins. For instance, you can rate or rank others apartment to get a job.

The Game play

This virtual reality game is all about developing your character using various clothes and other items.

Moreover, you have an apartment that you can enrich with different items available. Along with the avatar and apartment you can communicate with other members.

Avakin life is a 3D game that is growing quickly with new updates. It provides extraordinary experience to the users.

You can move around in the virtual world, meeting other people, making new friends, etc.

You can rate the apartments of others. Other people can also rate your apartment. The highest rated apartment will get rewards.

You can interact with one person or with a group of people. This game provides new updated furniture, games challenges and animations.

The Development Process

Lockwood has created and released this game. Lockwood has used cloud based service and metric to make this game available for multiple platforms.

Lockwood has a very good reputation for making attractive content for PlayStation same as Avakin’s life gameplay applications, graphics etc.

The Avakin Life Hack App Detail

This app is free for all platforms including Android, iPhone, Kindle fire, fire phone etc. However, this game is available only for iOS 8 and above, and for Android 4.0.3 and above. It was first launched in April 22, 2016. Its current working version is 1.7.6

Some Amazing Things About the Avakin Life Hack

By visiting your apartment you will get 10 points daily.

To undertake action make use of codes.

By using mystery box you can get gems and other rewards that will make your game faster and easy.

By using the built in camera feature you can keep your dances save.

You can also take advantage of 2x offers available in the game.

Parental Guidance

In order to play this game, you must be at least 17 years old.

You will have to verify before the game will start. You can access the game by using your email or Facebook account. They may use your information it is already mentioned in the policy.

There is no sexual content in the game. Smoking, violence, and drugs are nowhere in the game. However, flirting is a huge part of this game.

Final Words

Participating in the job and completing it will reward you experience points. After getting experience points you can level up.

You can easily level up by rating or ranking the apartment. After reaching apartment tap on I the box will appear submit your rating here.

The advantage of doing this is that you will get 10 to 15 experience points. We think it is a great deal to do so. We highly suggest you to use this Avakin’s life hack.

You will get to know more about Avakin’s life hacks after playing this game. so, go ahead and download the game and enjoy it.

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