Apex Legends Bangalore Full Guide – Tips & Abilities



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Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Tips & Abilities – Do you like to play games that are combination of battle royal style and action first shooter style game? If yes, then an apex legend is a best option for you. You will get a taste of both these in this game. Although Apex legends do not contain variety of characters but it still provide good characters from which you can choose.

Respawn is planning for the last ten years to add new characters in the game. An apex legend has already gained much popularity. The most famous character in the gaming community in Bangalore.

We all know the fact that soldiers and heavy hitters are the most popular classes. So, the reason behind Bangalore fame is that she is a soldier. Every user tries to select the most famous character.

The main objective of Bangalore character is offensive. Bangalore can be useful when the player wants to play alone as well as she is useful in synergy with the team. Moreover, it is a very easy and simple character to handle. So, any user can play with it easily.

Although it is a very easy character to handle, still many users look for some tips and hack to become master of it. Here in this article, we are providing help for those who wish to become master of it. Whether you are a newbie or a trained person you can take advantage of this article. So let’s have a look at it

Bangalore Bio and Character Information

Bangalore is born into an army family. She along with her parents and father all are serving the IMC armed forces. He is serving the army as an exceptional soldier. She topped in IMC Military academy. She is the only student of the academy who destructs the peacekeeper, armed it and then put it together. 

Voice Actor: Erica Luttrell

Erica Luttrell is a famous Canadian actress. She is famous for her voice work in different animated series. She worked in various series such as Justice League action etc. She has played almost 45 different roles in 30 unique titles.

Bangalore is not her first voice work in video games. She has denoted her voice to fifteen different characters in almost ten titles. Her most famous work include in Fallout 4, Injustice 2, Diablo III, etc. She has a very good reputation for voice work in the gaming industry. We think it was the best choice of Respawn for Bangalore.

Apex Legends Bangalore Guide & Abilities

1. Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Passive Ability: Double Time

This feature enables Bangalore a shot of adrenaline. If somehow she gets harm during sprinting, she will get interim speed boost basically, this feature is introduced to keep Bangalore alive.

It is very hard to kill moving targets. It becomes more difficult to kill them when their speed boosts up.  If you are strong you can move towards your enemy and kill them surprisingly. It will work for you especially when if your enemy do not have much strong weapon and powers.

If you are thinking to make use of this tip make sure you have a weapon that causes much harm in close quarters.

2. Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher

With this feature, Bangalore is able to eject a bomb that causes smoke. This tip will be useful for you whether you are defending or offending. 

This tip will be useful when your teammate is downed. You can use eject smoke in front of your friend so that the enemy cannot see them clearly and you can easily revive them.

We have seen it already in many movies, TV shows that how characters disappear in the smoke. Well, Bangalore this feature is useful for you if you use it smartly. If you stuck in a situation you can use a smoke bomb to hide from the enemy and rearrange your team accordingly. With the amazing abilities of Bangalore and smoke bomb, you can keep your character alive for a long time.

If you are in some sticky situation and want to hide you can make use of the smoke canister. Use this smoke around yourself it will hide your movements from the enemy. 

3. Apex Legends Bangalore Guide – Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder

Bangalore consists of many destructive abilities in the game. Although this feature is not direct yet it has advantages. You can use this feature as a trap. You can send a strike on the ground. However, you must keep in mind that you must choose this feature wisely. Although it will cause much harm to your enemies it is quite possible that it will cause damage to you and your team members as well. It is best to use where enemies are trying to hide. 

You can dodge your enemies with rolling thunder. It will force them to come in front of places where they are trying to hide. In other words, you can control the positions of your enemies with rolling thunder.

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