Top 20 Best Free Anime Streaming Websites of 2020

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Free Anime Streaming Websites – if you are an anime shows lover then this article is for you. We will let you know about the best free of cost anime sites that will work too.

Getting access to all the episodes of anime at one place is a very difficult task. There are some sites that let you watch complete series of the anime season and also you have the autonomy to watch it any time.


20 Best Free Anime Streaming Websites

The sites we will tell you will be available in Japanese and Korean medium of instruction.

1. Top Anime Streaming

This site only put up anime series that are allowed by US corporations. The user can watch these series in 1080p resolution. Moreover, there will be no advertisements on this site.  Different kinds of series like Kite, Wolf and Trigun, etc are streamed here.

2. Gogoanime.IO

This is the best site for anime streaming as it has everything well worked out. The data is categorized which makes easier for the user to choose his kind of anime to watch rather than searching out from a vast mixed library of animes. Also, the user can simply write the name of the anime series he wants to watch in the search bar and gets the result instantaneously.

3. Animestreams.NET

This is a well-run website where different types of anime shows are uploaded. Moreover, pop-up advertisements are also negligible. One of the best parts of this site is that if you are unable to access a specific anime series then you can request them by filling a form. Also, this site lets the user get access to anime that is dubbed and subbed.

4. Chia-Anime.TV

This is the most frequently used website for anime shows because of its fast working and high speed. Moreover, the user will get access to the newest and updated anime shows on their main page. Also, the user can search for anime alphabetically. After clicking the particular anime alphabet the user will be provided with the list of anime shows that start with that particular alphabet. This site provides good quality anime shows along with English dubbing and subbing.

5. AnimeSeason.COM

The display of this site is very also avid popping up of irritating advertisements. This site is rooted in video players that will the audience to watch anime shows along with subtitles. However, there is no search box present but still, the content of the site is arranged in such a way that it gets easier for the user to find the particular anime show.

6. Hulu

It is the most amazing site that let users stream online anime shows. Moreover, this site has a vast library of anime shows, movies, etc. it’s worth visiting the website. There are some anime series that can be watched by spending a few dollars.  This site also offers a free trial of one month and its monthly subscription is very economical.

7. | Watch Anime Online 2019

This site is for anime shows lover who watches anime series frequently and abundantly. The drawback of this site is that the user has to face numerous advertisements on the site. This site gives access to about 10,000 different anime series.


Kissanime is a famous anime show site that provides services free of cost. The anime shows are of good quality and let users choose the resolution options.


Anime Manga is the most used and best service providing site. The display is user-friendly and has very few advertisement pop-ups. It charges no fee and it is well maintained.


Netflix like it has movies database in a similar way it also has anime shows library. However, it’s not free of cost but its subscription packages are good to go.

Here the audios can be altered from Japanese to the English language. Moreover, English subtitles are also available.

11. – Popular Anime Site

Crunchyroll is a site where about twenty thousand series of various anime shows are made available online. It provides free of cost services.


This site has a vast anime library and is located in North America. It provides free of cost services.


It’s a kind of search engine that helps you locate anime shows that can’t be found anywhere on any site. So the user only writes down the name of the anime series and will get different search results.


It’s free of cost site. Famous and renowned anime shows can be found here. Also, this lets users download particular anime shows of various video resolutions.


It’s a very good website in case if a user wants to watch anime series whose medium of instruction is English. It’s also free of cost site. It is regularly updated.


Anime Nova uploads anime shows episodes every day. It has good resolution videos. Although the advertisement pop-ups are present these advertisements are not dull.


Aniline also uploads episodes of anime series on a regular basis with high-resolution videos. However, this site does not allow the user to download any anime shows.


Narutoget has a collection of anime shows and also mangas. This site provides free of cost service and videos are available in high-quality resolution.


Anime Ultima lets the user watch anime series in English audio. It also provides free of cost service. It also uploads anime movies. However, this site does not have the download feature but videos are of high resolution.

20. | Watch Anime Online

Masteron is a site that provides good quality anime movies. It has a vast variety of anime shows and their seasons too. This site; however, does not allow the downloading of anime shows but it offers a user-friendly display.

Watch Anime Online 2019


These are 20 most amazing and best sites for watching anime series. Moreover, the user can watch many of the series for free of cost and some sites also let the user download their favorite anime series for free. Most of these websites provide high-resolution quality videos and also many of these sites let the user watch Japanese or Korean anime in English audio. If you find this article helpful then do share it with your friends and family and let them know too.

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