Top 10 Best Alternative Games To Minecraft

It’s a game of constructing different buildings and facades. There are 3D items that depict various Earth materials such as stones, water, dust, etc.

These materials can be used to construct different items as large as the players want.

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What Makes Minecraft So Popular?

This game is very popular around the globe. The reason for its popularity is that this game lets the players form their own customized stories, characters, and adventurous stories. This game gives you the option of playing it solo as well as with your friends.

What Keeps People Interested in Minecraft?

The feature of the game that keeps up the interest of people is basically its storyline. In the beginning, you got nothing; no gadgets, no shelter. So basically you have to start the game from the very initial point. During the game, you will find different materials and tools to build a home for yourself.

Because of its wide use, many other organizations have developed similar games. Some of such games are discussed below.


It is similar to the Minecraft game, only has 2D graphics. Other than construction, one has to fight enemies as well. One can build up his own city and will also be provided by the bosses who will listen to you.

Portal Knights

The storyline is the same as Minecraft only the graphics are more cartoonish and have bright colors. According to the levels, the land available to you will increase and you will have the opportunity to select any of the roles: a warrior, a ranger, or a wizard. You will be able to construct different items and weapons too.

Don’t Starve

It is also an action game where you have to stay alive by finding food on long nights. By the time the conditions will get much worse and you have to apply strategies that will help you in overcoming these conditions.


It is a game that can be played by multiple players. One has to use virtual blocks to construct different buildings or objects. Within a short span of time this game has received a good response from people.

WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft

It is exactly the same as Minecraft but is available in the Mobile version. There are numerous building materials that can be utilized to make different objects. There are two modes in the game: Creative (where one can roam around), and the Survival mode.

Fortresscraft Evolved

It is the best seller game which includes a mixture of fighting, crafts, exploration, etc. the storyline is the same as Minecraft and the enemies are aliens.


You have to accumulate raw materials or resources to build up to something in order to survive on the planet of aliens. The game can be played with friends as well.

Ark: Survival Evolved

It is same as Minecraft, only the difference is that all animals in Minecraft are replaced by Dinosaurs. To survive from dinosaurs one has to work to find survival and make weapons to keep themselves safe from them.

The Forest

In this game, the player reaches a forest after the crash of his plane. Here the player has to find means to make up shelter and food for survival purposes. The player will also have to deal with the tribes of nocturnal people. You can win free cash as a free giveaway every time we run a giveaway.

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